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Anzali Lagoon

Located 55 kilometers north of Rasht City, Anzali Lagoon is situated southwest of Bandar Anzali and the Caspian Sea. This sweet water lagoon spans an area of 120 square kilometers in the spring and winter, and an area of 80 square kilometers in the fall and summer. Anzali’s water depth is around 2.5 meters in […]

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Mohtasham Garden

Mohtasham Garden, also known as the “City Park”, is the oldest park in Rasht. This park is located on Hafez Street in the south of Rasht, next to the beautiful Gohar River. In the past, people went fishing in this river. Mohtasham Garden is the main park and the major recreation center for the residence. […]

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Mirza Kuchak Khan Forest

Mirza Kuchak Khan Forest, one of the most influential figures in his era, was known as the most popular face between Gilani’s dwarfs in the past, so the works related to this person also are important. Mirza Kuchak Khan’s house, located on Soheil Debieryh Street, is one of the most visited houses in Rasht, and […]

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