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Destination Management and Planners for Specialist Incentive, Conference, Event and Meeting Organisers

Dornagasht tour and travel agency  with years of experience has become the leading agency in Iran providing Destination, Conference and Convention Management Services to both local and international clients. Our event management services staff are able to provide clients with the following services for their events.

Destination Selection

Iran offers first class hotels, state of the art conference venues and a host of interesting and historical places to offer clients looking to host their events. Based on your requirements we offer the widest range of selections to suit your event, conference or convention.

Site or Venue Screening and Planning

Utilizing our extensive venue database we research and identify the best properties for your event. Site visits are undertaken to evaluate the accommodation, meeting spaces, transport and local contractor logistics to give an overall image of the venue.

Contract Negotiations

Dornagasht tour and travel agency  is able to negotiate the best competitive package rates for your event while keeping to your budget recommendations and not compromising on value or quality of service.

Exhibit and Display Setup

We can organize and manage all hall set up including equipment and decor along with all required signage and displays.

Signage, Promotion and Printing

We can assist in designing of promotional material, signage, and all printed matter pertaining to the event along with any local advertising and media needed.

Pre-conference Arrangements

Any pre conference communications and on-site registration and introductions can be handled by our experienced local staff.

Transfers and Transport

Our transportation department is able to handle all airport arrival and departure transfers along with all local transportation required to shuttle guests to and from event areas based on your requirements.

Audio and Visual Requirements

We can arrange for any type of audio and visual projection facilities along with online translation systems along with wifi and internet services. A dedicated technician is available for your event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Ground and Air Travel

Along with transport related to the event we offer car, minivan or coach services to any destination in Iran along with online access to domestic and international flight tickets.


Having extensive contracts with other hotels in Iran we can offer the best competitive rates for hotel rooms for your event.

Food and Beverage Management

Our staff are able to provide you with menus upon request from a variety of Iranian and international dishes along with any special meal requirements that might be needed. Creative theme meals are possible to arrange at many of Iran’s famous sites and locations.

Onsite Staffing

Our experienced staff can provide onsite coordination of hotel registration & check in, conference registration and venue staffing along with local guides, interpreters, and venue technicians, ushers and food services staff.

Translation Services

We offer online translation systems along with in person interpreters for simultaneous translation of your event.

Special Services and Entertainment Planning

Arrangements can be made for various cultural performances and themed dinners or parties in authentic local settings or traditional restaurants along with any other special services that are required.

Pre or Post Event Tours or Activities

Dornagasht tour and travel agency  can provide any pre or post tours in Iran to suit your budget and time frame to make the most of your trip. Like all ancient civilizations, culture constitutes the focal point and heart of Iranian civilization. The art, music, architecture, poetry, philosophy, traditions, and ideology of Iran have made it a continuously important nation in the global community and an amazing country to explore.

List of international iran fair 2019- feb 2020

The 12th Int’l Exhibition Of Exchange, Bank, Insurance22-25 apr 2019
The 4th Exhibition Of Dental Equipment22-25 apr 2019
The 26th Int’l Exhibition of Detergents, Cleanser, Hygienic, Cellulose Products & Machinery22-25  apr 2019
The 24th Intl Oil, Gas, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition1-4 may 2019
The 22 Int’l Exhibition of Medical, Dental, Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Products9-12 jun 2019
The 7th Int’l Exhibition of Rail Transportation, Related Industries & Equipment9-12 jun 2019
The 26th Agricultural, Food & Related Industries Trade Fair18-21 jun 2019
The 17th Int’l Exhibition Of Kitchen, Bath, Sauna & Pool Industries & Equipment28 jun-01 july 2019
The 26th Int’l Tile, Ceramic & Sanitary Ware Exhibition28jun-01 july 2019
The11th Int’l Exhibition of Stone, Mining, Machinery & Related Equipment9-12 july 2019
The 7th international exhibition of elevators, escalators, forklifts, conveyors, components and accessories23-26 jan 2020
The 25th Int’l Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E – Commerce18-21 july 2019
2nd International exhibition of paper, cardboard, cellulose products and related machinery6-9 Aug 2019
The 19th Int’l Exhibition Of Building & Construction Industry28-31 july 2019
The 28th Int’l Exhibition of Home Furniture (Hofex)6-9 Aug 2019
The 11th Floor Covering, Moquette, Machine Made Carpet & Related Industries Exhibition13-16 sep2019
The 18th Int’l Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock and Related Industries15-18 aug 2019
The 13th Int’l Exhibition of Iran Plast21-24 sep 2019
The 4th Int’l Exhibition of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Related Industry21-24 oct 2019
The 20th Int’l Exhibition of Telecommunications, Information Technology & Solutions30 sep- 3 oct 2019
The 15th Iran Int’l Water & Wastewater Exhibition30 sep- 3 oct 2019
The 12th Int’l Nanotechnology Exhibition10-13 oct2019
The 19th Tehran Int’l Industry Exhibition10-13 oct 2019
The 6th Int’l Exhibition of Bags, Shoes, leather & Related Industry21-24 oct2019
The 18th Int’l Exhibition of Installation (Heating, Cooling, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigerating)21-24 oct 2019
The 19th Iran Int’l Electricity Exhibition31 oct-03 nov 2019
The 15th Int’l Exhibition of Mine, Mining, Construction Machinery & Related Industry & Equipment (Iran Conmin 2019)31 oct-03 nov 2019
The 14th Auto Parts Int’l Exhibition9-12 nov 2019
The 19th Int’l Exhibition of Household Appliances19-22 nov 2019
The 16th Int’l Exhibition of Metallurgy29 nov-2 Dec 2019
The 25th Int’l Exhibition of Textile Machinery, Raw Materials, Home Textile, Embroidery Machines & Textile Products29 nov-2 Dec 2019
The 26th Int’l Exhibition of Printing, Packing & Related Machinery8-11 Dec 2019
The 5th Int’l Exhibition Of Hospital Building, Infrastructure, Installation Equipment & Related Industries17-20 Dec 2019
The 6th National Laboratory Equipment & Chemicals Exhibition (IRAN LAB)17-20 Dec 2019
The 17th Int’l Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services10-13 oct 2019
The 13th Int’l Exhibition of goods, services & equipment stores and chain stores26-29 dec 2019
The 5th Int’l Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies of Health, Safety, Environment Crisis Management, Firefighting & Rescue10-13 oct2019
The 4th international exhibition of agricultural machinery, inputs and irrigation modern systems14-17 jan 2020
The 9th Int’l Exhibition of Architecture, Modern House & Interior Design14-17 jan 2020
The 27th Exhibition Of Chandeliers & Decorative Lights26-29 dec2019
The 11th Doors & Windows Technology Int’l Exhibition9-12 jul 2019
The 19th Int’l Exhibition Paint, Resin, Industrial Co8-11 Dec 2019
The 18th Int’l Exhibition of Accessories, Machinery & Wood, Equipment & Related Industries1-4 feb 2020
The 11th Int’l Exhibition of Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation & Related Machineries14-17 jan 2020
The 3rd international exhibition of glass and related equipment12-15feb2020
The 3rd International Exhibition of Hotel Equipment Services12-15 feb2020
The 11th Iran Int’l Renewable Energy, Lighting & Energy Saving Exhibition21-24 feb