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Shiraz is the capital of Fars Province. The fundamental structure of the old Shiraz is known as The Zandiyeh Ensemble (Prospective World Heritage Site) which contains elements from different periods, chiefly recognized as a comprehensive model of Iranian current architecture. Shiraz is also proudly the motherland of preeminent masters of Persian classical literature. The main highlights include:

The Zandiyeh Ensemble (Prospective World Heritage Site) with the imposing structure of Karim Khan Citadel dominating the city centre.

Jami‘ Mosque of Ardestan contains a unique structure in its courtyard with outstanding brick calligraphy on turquoise back-ground dating back to 14th century.

Tomb of Saadi the highest figure in classical Persian literature, and the creator of two of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

Tomb of Hafez the pre-eminent master of Persian lyric poetry whose heart (cup) is filled with the love (wine) of the Beloved (God).

Eram Garden a delightful garden centered around a reflecting pool by a charming 19th-century pavilion.

Nasir ol-Mulk Mosque a unique mosque renowned for its architectural techniques and decorative themes.

Quran Gate a monumental gateway to Shiraz blessing travelers before embarking on a journey

Narenjestan Museum a pavilion richly decorated with a breathtaking combination of decorative elements.