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Highly Qualified Tour Leaders

Our professional tour guides provide plenty of assistance, information and cultural, historical, religious, sportive, mountain climbing, nature, natural and contemporary heritage interpretation to you on organized or individual tours, educational establishments or in various significant interests. They are totally trained and examined. Many of them have further professional, academic and other specialist qualifications to make your tour extra special. We provide recognized national or regional tourist guide qualification.


All travelers should hold their own travel insurance. Proof must be presented when obtaining the visa at the embassy or upon arrival at any port of entry in Iran. Travelers not holding a travel insurance are obliged to pay for a travel insurance upon arrival (Euro 12-20, depending on length of stay in Iran).

Hotel Reservation

With our guide, all of the information you need is at your fingertips, whether you are researching your specific hotel before leaving, or looking for the right hotel amenities before you book. Our experience in this field, and our cooperation with various hotels around the country, permits us to offer you the best choice followed by the best possible price to satisfy every one`s taste.

Mice and Exhibition

Iran paradise tour and travel agency can provide any pre or post tours in Iran to suit your budget and time frame to make the most of your trip. Like all ancient civilizations, culture constitutes the focal point and heart of Iranian civilization. The art, music, architecture, poetry, philosophy, traditions, and ideology of Iran have made it a continuously important nation in the global community and an amazing country to explore.

Domestic Flights

We can provide you with all of the domestic flight bookings they need, any time. However the little fee for the ticket is not included in our package price and it is totally on your own.


Transportation Services is customers' source for obtaining long-term and daily vehicles driver for use on official business or for executive transportation. Our drivers are experts in route making in the most finable and recommended way to travel.


We can arrange your transfer at any time. We provide you with reliable quality budget priced cars for your exciting holiday.