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Ahvaz is built on the banks of the Karun River, a prosperous city that reached its height of achievement during the Islamic period, soon flourished as a center for the cultivation, and became home to many well-known scholars. The main highlights include:

choqa zanbil

Choqa Zanbil the jewel in the crown of Elamite history (World Heritage Site), Iran’s best preserved and architecturally mesmerizing ziggurat of 1250 BC, decorated with glittering blue and green glazed fire bricks, inlaid ivory mosaics, as well as opaque glass mosaics, and guarded by guardian bulls and winged griffins in glazed terracotta.


Susa – once the capital of the world (Prospective World Heritage Site), one of the world’s large

st archaeological sites, the capital of the world at the height of its importance when the empire touched the boundaries of all the lands under the Persian Empire, with magnificent polychrome glazed brick panels decorating its famous Apadana Palace.

Haft Tepe a mid-2nd millennium BC complex considered the oldest Elamite temple ever discovered in Iran consisting only of religious buildings and tombs.


Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System (World Heritage Site), a masterpiece of creative genius forming spectacular water cascades flowing into a stream basin.