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Tag: iran paradise


Mina’s Dome

Mina’s dome is one of the biggest planetariums in Iran. The idea of building such a skyscraper was put forward in 2008, and seven years later, with great effort, the complex was put into operation in 2014. It’s also the biggest planetarium in Middle-East which is located in the Abbasabad Hills area of Tehran and […]

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Yazd Khan Bath

There are lots of amazing historical places in Iran such as old traditional bath and Khan bath in Yazd is one of them. It was built under the command of Mohammad Taghi Khan known as The Great Khan in 1791. Three decades later, it was renovated. The plaster mold castings and other decorations were added […]

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Tomb Abu-Ali-Sina

Hamedan Avicenna Mausoleum

Hamadan is one of the most beautiful western provinces of Iran which was once the capital and the center of civilization because of all the historical and valuable monuments it has. Avicenna was born c. 980 in Bukhara (in present-day Uzbekistan), the capital of the Samanids and He died in June 1037, in his fifty-eighth year and was buried in Hamadan, Iran. Ibn […]

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