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Tourist Attractions in East Azerbaijan Province

Tourist Attractions in East Azerbaijan Province


East Azerbaijan Province is one of the top tourist destinations in Iran and offers a wide range of attractions. As the most populous and largest province in northwestern Iran, it shares borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Nakhchivan, and is adjacent to Ardebil and Zanjan provinces.

Tabriz: Tourist areas include the outskirts of Kassaei Highway, Khalatpushan Park, Sahand Mountain Range, Goloujeh and Liqvan Villages, and Gomanj (a popular destination for rural tourism and dairy products).

Maragheh: Tourist areas include the outskirts of Alavian Dam and Goshayesh Village Valley.

Marand: Tourist areas include Mahar-Zanuz Plain and Payam Village.

Miyaneh: Tourist areas include the outskirts of Aydoghmesh Dam and Kendovan Underground City.

Osku: Tourist areas include the Islamic Island of Ilkhchi and Turamin Village.

Shabestar: Tourist areas include Sherafkhaneh Port and the outskirts of Dosh Dam.


Bonab: Tourist areas include Qareh Qoshun Wetland and the outskirts of Dosh Dam.

Malekan: Tourist areas include Shoorso Hot Spring and Bakhtak Castle of Lilan.

Sarab: Tourist areas include Abyaneh Hot Spring and Ghooroomiz Village.

Bostanabad: Tourist areas include Gori Gol Wetland, and Northern Slopes of Sahand.

Ajabshir: Tourist areas include Bandar Rahmanlu, Bandar Ghobadlu, and the outskirts of Qal’eh Chay Dam.

Heris: Tourist areas include the outskirts of Arbatan Khajeh Dam and Guravan Village.

Jolfa: Tourist areas include Kharabeh Watermill and Aras River Coast.

Hashtrud: Tourist areas include the outskirts of Sahand Dam and Zahak Castle.

Varzeghan: Tourist areas include Hamamlou Village, Golakhor Village, Kharvana, and Chichakoo Kharvana Forest Area.

Kaleybar: Tourist areas include Abgarm Hot Spring in Meshkinshahr and Darrehsi Castle.


Historical Attractions in East Azerbaijan Province

Some of the best historical sites in East Azerbaijan Province include:

Grand Bazaar of Tabriz

Maragheh Observatory

Mausoleum of Sheikh Shahab al-Din Ahri and Sheikh Mahmoud Shabestari

Grand Bazaar of Mianeh

Jameh Mosque of Sarab

Caravanserais like Tikmeh Dash in Bostanabad

Historic houses such as Kampani House, Mojtahedi House, Alavi House

Mansions such as Ilgoli Mansion in Tabriz, Rub’ Rashidi Mansion in Tabriz

Towers like Khalatpushan Tower and Firefighting Tower in Tabriz

Churches such as Saint Sarkis Church in Tabriz, Shoghakat Church in Tabriz, Saint Mary Church in Tabriz, Sohrol Church in Shabestar, Holy Johannes Church

Mausoleums such as Maragheh Dome, Ghaffariyeh Dome in Maragheh, Gund Madur


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