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Tag: Maragheh


Discovering the Natural Wonders of Kermanshah: Maragheh and Bisotun

Nestled in the western part of Iran, Kermanshah is a region blessed with natural wonders that mesmerize and captivate. Among its gems are Maragheh and Bisotun, two sites that seamlessly blend history, geology, and breathtaking landscapes. As you embark on a journey to explore these wonders, be prepared to be transported through time and immerse […]

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Tourist Attractions in East Azerbaijan Province

East Azerbaijan Province is one of the top tourist destinations in Iran and offers a wide range of attractions. As the most populous and largest province in northwestern Iran, it shares borders with Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Nakhchivan, and is adjacent to Ardebil and Zanjan provinces. Tabriz: Tourist areas include the outskirts of Kassaei Highway, Khalatpushan […]

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