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Tag: Markazi province


Chal Nakhjir Cave

Chal-Nakhjir Cave is one of the amazing attractions of Markazi province, which is located between Naraq and Delijan on the hillside of Takht-kooh. This cave dates back to the third geologic period. It is interesting to know that Chal means a pit, and Nakhjir means a hunting ground. Nakhjir Cave or Chal-Nakhjir Cave is the […]

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Meyghan Pond

Arak city is not a historical one as such. It used to be called “Soltanabad”. Generally it has been an industrial city. Thus it has at most 300-year-old houses and markets. “Meyghan” pond, for nature and bird visitors, is a special place to visit 27 species of rare birds. “Khurhe” is a mineral, free-formed lake […]

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