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Visadar Waterfall

Visadar Waterfall


The silver waterfalls of Iran are kinds of natural tourist attractions that are wonderful for visiting. Viesadar Waterfall is located in 16Km from Pareh sar city in Rezvanshahr and is regarded as one of the most famous natural attractions and waterfall in Iran and it is the third tall waterfall in Gilan.

visadarThe climate and beauty of the villages of the north of Iran are different from all the villages of other parts of the country. If you are tired of the daily life in the big cities, all you have to do is take your backpack and spend a few days visiting one of the most scenic areas in the northern parts of the country. Gilan province always shines like a beautiful green jewel in Iran and in the four seasons of the year, it presents its magical and pristine nature.

visadar-waterfallVisadar waterfall with its 15 meters’ height is the third high waterfall in Gilan; in the heart of massive jungles 16 km away from Rezvanshahr. To get to this waterfall, after reaching Pareh sar, you can go to Sekare village and after that go to Aboyar village which is so close to the waterfall. Visadar means the shadow of willow.

This waterfall is in Lamir River beside forest road leading to Lamir village whose beauty can be seen from a metal bridge. The sound of water which fall from 20m height on the stones creates a beautiful scene. The route to Visadar waterfall is full of beautiful tall willow trees which show why this waterfall was named Visadar.

waterfallBefore reaching Visadar waterfall, the lush beautiful road that leads to this waterfall immerses tourists and nature lovers. This road is surrounded by trees on both sides and the further you go, the more breathtaking the scenes become. When you look at the waterfall from the bottom pond, you will figure out the glory and magnificence of it.

The waterfall is located in the way of the Lemir River, which originates from the Talesh Mountains (also known as the Diamond Pass), and flows into the Caspian Sea after passing through the Pareh Sar region. Slightly beyond the waterfall are countless elegant tall trees that have provided a magical atmosphere.

آبشارThere is a metal bridge near the waterfall to connect two sides of the river together that watching the waterfall from the top of this bridge would be wonderful. You can take a rest in magnificent jungles under the shadow of high trees and listen to the symphony of water and earth. Visadar waterfall is like an eye for the jungle that protects it well.

آبشار-ویسادارThe best season to travel to Visadar is from early April to early November. This does not mean that you can’t go to this waterfall in winter. Visadar waterfall has its own unique beauties in winter, but in winter you must go with complete equipment.

In order to be able to access the top of the waterfall, rocky steps have been created next to it. You can use them to go on top of the rocks on the wall of the waterfall.  You can sit on these stairs and look at the amazing view of the forest, river, and waterfall in front of you for hours. Remember to be careful and cautious when watching the waterfall!

ویسادارTourist attractions around Visadar Waterfall include Asiabega Waterfall and Gissoom Forest. Another waterfall called Ovuyar Falls is also located below the Visadar Waterfall and is another natural attraction in the area.

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