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Varzaneh desert

Varzaneh desert


One of the famous deserts in Isfahan province is Varzaneh desert which is located near Varzaneh city. The short distance from Varzaneh city to the center of Isfahan province has made this desert very attractive to nature lovers, especially the people of Isfahan. However, nature lovers from other cities such as Tehran also show great interest in this region and visiting this desert. Varzaneh Desert is the most accessible desert in Isfahan city, and the unsurpassed breadth of sand dunes in various shapes and sandy landscapes above the slopes of the sand is incontestable. It’s an ideal place for stargazing at night and much more that you will find out by yourself. One of the most original natural landscapes of Varzaneh is the watery ecosystem with the dry land of Gavkhuni international wetland. Gavkhuni wetland is like a jewel in the central desert of Iran.


Varzaneh desert is one of the most beautiful places in Iran, along with forests and mountains. the best seasons for desert climbing is fall and winter, as it reduces the heat of the Varzaneh desert and makes it the best destination for tourists who like to experience excitement, beauty, and silence together. Varzaneh Desert is one of the beautiful deserts of the eastern part of Isfahan and the central part of Iran. At the heart of this desert, sandy hills make a wonderful view that wind beautifully crafted them in various shapes, including longitudinal hills, crests, and sandy pyramids.


The city of Varzaneh, with several natural and ancient monuments together, has become an important destination for domestic and even foreign tourists in recent years. And there is a rich culture to see the desert of Iran. It takes about 2 hours to travel the distance between Isfahan and Varzaneh. It is not far from the city of Varzaneh to the desert, and with the guidance of the signs inside the city, the desert route can be found quickly. A desert campsite has been established, and the facilities of this camp can be used.


The exceptional Varzaneh Salt Lake is what you cannot miss about this desert. Right behind the flowing sand hills of this desert lies the crystalized fields of salt lake. What remained of the evaporation of salty waters has created a shiny white landscape where you feel detached, looking at the sunset throwing its pink-hued rays on the white crystals of salt. There are many adventurous activities in this area that raise your heart rate and induce adrenaline to run all over your veins. One of these activities is sand surfing on the hills of a hundred meters height that is very popular besides SUV riding, paragliding, camping, and many other pleasures, like watching the starry nights of the desert. The main drive of a great number of people who come to visit this wonderful plain that has turned yellow in the hands of the sun is to find peace and tranquility far from the buzzing heart of the town, far from the chaotic thoughts of everyday life.


Entry to the desert is personally restricted and almost all entrances to the desert are closed. For this reason, the only way to enter the desert is from this campsite and for a fee. A short distance from the road, you can see high sands that are an attractive option for climbing if you are a hiker in the desert. Especially at sunrise and sunset when the desert climate is more pleasant. Contrary to popular belief, the desert is full of plant and animal life. That is, traces of the life of a plant or insect or reptile can be found in every corner of the desert. For this reason, if you travel to the desert, try to respect this ecosystem. As much as possible, do not drive around in places where the plant grows and avoid breaking the bushes. Because many seemingly dry shrubs are actually alive, and even those that are not alive have long been responsible for providing shelter and shelter for the small and large inhabitants of the desert.

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