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Uramanat Village

Uramanat Village


Iran’s Historic Village of Uramanat which is located in the western mountains of Iran in Kurdestan Province is one of the most dazzling stairs villages in the country. Uraman or Uraman Takht (also known as Huraman, Avroman ) is a village in Uraman Takht rural district, Sarvabad county, Kurdistan Province. It has been said to be a source of original Iranian and rich Kurdish art and culture from the days of yore. Thanks to the preservation of its heritage, architecture, and a unique traditional religious ceremony, namely ‘Pir Shalyar’, Uraman Takht village is known as one of Iran’s most impressive villages.


Do you want to know where did the cavemen used to live? Or how some people are still living in an ancient village? Then welcome to Uraman Takht. Uramanat village, which has carried histories and cultures through thousands of years, is one of the highlights of Iran. When you travel to this village, you will also experience a trip through history. This treasury village, with spectacular architecture and design, is surrounded by heavenly beautiful landscapes and nature that will blow your mind. If you want to get clued up with this magical scenery, what’s better than observing it with your own eyes?


Uramanat Villages owns a unique rural texture, architecture, lifestyle and agriculture. And as a prominent example of integration of man into the nature, the inhabitants integrated themselves into the nature through utilization of sharp slopes in agriculture. The region enjoys a special, coherent system of culture, agriculture, way of thinking and behavior, infrastructure, and defending system of their own. All these characteristics make the region worth of being registered on the Cultural Heritage list. Uramanat’s agriculture, the style of which goes back to the first millennium BC, enjoys the quality to be registered on Iran’s National Heritage list. If the site is proposed as a Cultural site in the Tentative List of UNESCO.


The name Huraman is derived from -hura and -man. Man means place or land; and Huraman is thought to mean the “Ahurayi land or the place of Ahura Mazda” or higher divine spirit. According to the people’s belief, Uraman used to be a big city and of great importance in the past, hence it was known as Takht (meaning throne) or the center of the government. At an altitude of 1450 meters above the sea level, the village enjoys mild weather in spring and summer, and cold weather during fall and winter. Uraman is a vast and mountainous area of Zagros which includes the entire south of Kurdistan Province, and Uraman Takht village is a part of it.


The surroundings of this village are the never-ending greenery of old trees and roaring rivers that found their way through the woods. The hospitable and generous Kurdish people welcome you with the warmest smile and treat you with their popular feature, which is kindness. Meeting Kurdish locals with their special clothing and their customs is the loveliest thing about this trip. Kurdish people’s life is full of colors, songs, and music. Hanging around with the locals with their colorful costumes and handmade hats on their heads, along with crafted shoes, is much more fun than you think. By only seeing the way that they dress up and the way they sing along traditional songs to brighten up each other’s moods, you will be happy. There are so many photo opportunities that you can take and share on your socials or keep them to be a reminder of the good times that you spent on this journey of life and remember all the places that you went and all the things you learned.

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