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The Valley of the Statues

The Valley of the Statues


This stunningly beautiful natural site is called ‘Valley of the Statues’ because here tall rocks have been sculpted into strange shapes by the elements. Statues Valley and Coast is located in Hormuz. Historically an important port, Hormuz is today a calm place, home to a small village, Iranian artists, and the natural wonders created by the island’s geography, which, in addition to the ochre, includes whitewashed vistas created by the saltiness of its low elevation.


Popular spots among visitors to the island include the Red Beach, Rainbow Valley, Salt Mountain, and Valley of Statues. Hormuz’s maritime history can be glimpsed by visiting a coastal Portuguese fort, and the island’s artistic energy can be seen in murals and other artwork that dot the island, as well as the museum and gallery of environmental artist Dr. Ahmad Nadaian.


With colorful soil, its warm climate and an untouched culture, Hormuz Island is one of the offbeat places that you shouldn’t miss visiting when you travel to Iran, especially during autumn and winter. The fantastic Hormuz Island is located in southern Iran, in the Persian Gulf and is created by sedimentary rocks and volcanic materials. During summer, the climate on this island is very hot with an average degree of 45 ◦ and 95% humidity, while during autumn and winter the weather is mild and lovely with a peaceful sunshine shining on the endless sea waves.

دره مجسمه ها

Witness the most amazing and rare geological phenomena like rocks with surreal shapes reminding dragons at the Valley of Statues located 40 meters above the beach. There are stones in different shapes, with a few hundred meters to the beach, in the way that the silver sandstones shine. Each of these amazing gems is likened to an animal with the imagination of viewers; one on the sheep, the other, a chicken and a cock, and, to your liking, the dragon-shaped stones in various states. It can be seen from the shape of rocks that over the course of thousands of years, the island of Hormuz has gradually emerged from the water, the process of erosion on them has played. The site is located on a bluff that affords fantastic vistas of the coastline.


The whole path of the valley is filled with crystalline sands. Another interesting thing about this place is the lovely silence that makes sense. There is no guidance bar, and without a guide, it’s very difficult to recognize the existence of such a place.
When you travel to the valley of statues and you’ve traveled a little winding roads, it’s a bit hard to come by! It reached a beautiful 40-meter bridle, which in turn was daunting. Only by traveling to the statues valley of Hormuz you can experience it, but when it comes to the end of the statues valley, it’s safe to say that the most beautiful view you can see from the magnificent gulf you can see in your life. According to research, the geological life of the island reached 600 million years ago, and its lifespan out of water reached about 50,000 years ago.

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