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The best time to travel to Isfahan

The best time to travel to Isfahan


Isfahan is a famous and popular city not only for Iranians but also for the whole world. People from all over the world come to Iran to see the beauties of this historic city. It is not for nothing that this city is called the “half of the world”. Watching the beauties of this city in different seasons has its own special attractions.

On a trip to Isfahan, prepare yourself to enter a roofless museum. This city is full of historic houses and ancient buildings. Isfahan’s location in the central desert region of Iran and its proximity to the mountains has created special weather conditions. Traveling to Isfahan at the right time, according to your interests, will make your trip to this historic land more enjoyable.


In early spring, during the Nowruz holidays, Isfahan experiences the busiest tourist days. In addition to the Nowruz holidays, the quality of the weather and natural landscapes of this city attracts travelers in early spring. This issue raises the prices of hotels and other welfare and accommodation services. With the end of Nowruz and the opening of schools and the return of various jobs to work, from mid-April, this city becomes quieter, but tourists are still present in Isfahan in the month of April.

In May, Isfahan becomes quieter and the weather conditions are still ideal. In addition, hotel prices and accommodations decrease relatively, and conditions are provided for enjoying accommodation and welfare services. If you have no restrictions on traveling at this time of year, May is the best choice for a trip to this city.


Autumn is also a very quiet time for this city, and the weather is still suitable, so if possible, you can travel to this city in early autumn. Winter is also one of the quietest times in Isfahan, like summer. The dry desert cold is not desirable for many tourists, and hotels also offer special discounts for travelers during this season. In autumn, the nature of Isfahan becomes very beautiful. The view of the leaves falling on the streets of Chaharbagh and the parks around Zayandeh Rud River is very attractive during this season.

You can rent a bicycle and ride along the river and enjoy the historical bridges of Zayandeh Rud. During a beautiful autumn nature walks in Isfahan, you can buy street food and visit mobile cafes to create beautiful memories. Due to the suitable weather conditions during this season, you will have the opportunity to visit all historical and natural attractions. The deserts around Isfahan are also beautiful and pleasant during this season, but the nights become a bit colder.

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