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Tar and Havir Lakes

Tar and Havir Lakes


Since Tehran is located on parts of the Alborz Mountains, there are many possibilities for the people to enjoy some time in nature by taking very short trips. Tar and Havir Lakes are examples of such natural tourist attractions. They are only one kilometer distant from each other. They are so close that you can go from one to the other by a thirty-minute-long walk. The high mountains surrounding these lakes are one of the popular destinations for the climbers. Doberar and Zarinkuh are two of the most important peaks of this region.


The Tar Lake and Havir Lake are located at about 113 km from Tehran near Damavand Mountain (near Damavand City). These two lakes are in the mountains at an attitude of 2,500 m. Their sources are from the rivers flowing from north. The climate of the region is of mountainous. A beautiful landscape of the region provides a suitable aqua-recreational area and sports such as canoeing and swimming along with mountaineering on the two peaks mentioned above.


If you drive into the heart of the Alborz Mountains, there would be Taar and Havir lakes, like two sisters close to each other. On the way to Taar and Havir Lakes, you will enjoy the scenes and views of Alborz Mountains. The road to Taar and Havir lakes is completely a dirt road, going through rivers and mountains, so it can be a super attractive destination for off road camping as well. This lake would be suitable for water sports such as swimming, boating, and fishing.


The water of the Tar and Havir Lakes origins both from the springs on the bed of the lakes and snow on the mountains around that melts and flows into them. No tree or shrub grows in the surrounding area. Thyme shrubs could be found there in the past, but they no longer exist because of heavy soil erosion.


The surface of the lake in the winter may cover by a thin layer of ice. The vegetation of Tar and Havir lakes are just like other southern parts of Alborz Mountains, the two lakes are guarded and surrounded by higher altitudes, and two notable Dobaraar and ZarrinKouh mounts. Around the lake, there is no forest cover and tree cold westerly winds around the lake are always going on.

If you travel to this site, you can choose from a great range of activities. Fishing and boating are most popular, but you should note that fishing in these lakes needs a license from The Department of Environment. And as for boating, you should have your own inflatable boat because there are no boating facilities. The temperature of the water is very suitable for swimming, but it should be done with caution as the cold and heavy water can cause problems.


Tar and Havir Lakes are formed on the heights of the Alborz Mountains. Therefore, it is best to travel there during the end of spring and the beginning of summer to avoid extreme cold. During autumn and winter, the lakes freeze and the land around becomes covered with snow. Traveling there during this time would be very hard, but you can see very different landscapes instead.


There are two paths to reach Tar and Havir Lakes. One goes through Damavand and the village of Chenar. This road is more suitable for SUV vehicles. The other path is dirt, too. But smaller vehicles can travel it. It is Damavand – Firuzkuh Road. You should travel until you are close to Firuzkuh and then turn to Yahar Village.

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