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Tajrish Traditional Bazaar is an old, colorful bazaar that gives everyone a sense of walking in old Tehran. Its architecture has been developed through years. However, the real old texture has been preserved. There are multicolored fruits and vegetables that catches the attention. Of course, there are several other things that this bazaar offers for sale. Make sure to have some money in your pockets because you will not leave this bazaar empty-handed! The irresistibly charming commodities are great Persian souvenirs for those you love.


For shopaholics looking for the best products and the best deals, navigating Iran’s chaotic capital presents some sizable challenges. From food markets, to touristy goods, from bargain antiques, to everyday household items, Tehran has a bazaar for all occasions and inclinations, so long as you know where to go. Here we feature some of the best markets in the city.


Tajrish Traditional Bazaar is the oldest bazaar in the north of Tehran. It is a small bazaar simulated from Tehran Grand Bazaar. Its construction dates back to 70 years ago. However, some of the old salesmen say that it is 150 years old. Tajrish used to include big houses with gardens, small villages, and summer houses. People used to choose this area for their holidays to enjoy the weather and nature.


Some workers used to go there to be of a help to garden owners in spring and summer. After a while, they decided to settle down in Tajrish forever. Consequently, the population of Tajrish grew little by little. As Reza Shah Pahlavi chose this area to spend his leisure time, it began to undergo modern developments.


The construction of roads and designation of public transportation facilitated the way for people to visit this region more than before. The gathering of people caused the local people to think of selling the products of their gardens. Hence, there emerged some small shops in Tajrish and what we know today as Tajrish Traditional Bazaar is the developed version of those stores.


To avoid the destruction of their commodities and for the sake of the comfort of the people, the salesmen made a decision to build a ceiling over their heads. Later on, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization constructed the fascinating and traditional ceiling and added some other creative decorations of the present bazaar.


If you are into shopping or simply window shopping, satisfy your needs in Tajrish Traditional Bazaar! The main difference between this bazaar and Tehran Grand Bazaar is that its stores are retail. But Tehran Grand Bazaar is the wholesale center of Tehran. There are colorful fruits and vegetables, breath-taking handicrafts, fresh traditional bread, nuts and dried fruits, various condiments and herbal medicines, artificial jewelry, fabrics with all sorts of materials, and so on. Furthermore, there are some shops that sell all kinds of tasty Torshi (vegetables or fruits kept in vinegar for a while and are eaten as a side dish). There are also many small places from which you can buy things to eat while shopping.


Tajrish Traditional Bazaar is about 700 meters long and has 400 stores inside. Its architecture reminds every one of the old Tehran. Moreover, there are spectacular arches with names of stores carved on them above each store. Above all, traditional fretwork and tiling of this bazaar are too magnificent to ignore.

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