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Tag: Tomb of Cyrus


Why Should We Travel to Iran?

Iran, often referred to as Persia, is a country rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Despite misconceptions and political tensions that may deter potential visitors, Iran is a destination that offers an unparalleled travel experience. From ancient ruins and stunning architecture to warm hospitality and delectable cuisine, here are compelling reasons why you should [...]
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Shiraz at a glance

Shiraz is a city in southern Iran that is very popular among Iranians due to its historical and cultural background. Beautiful and lush gardens, historical buildings, and the tombs of poets are just some of the attractions that tourists can enjoy visiting in Shiraz. Persepolis, or Takht-e Jamshid, is a masterpiece of the Achaemenid era […]

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Tomb of Cyrus

The Tomb of Cyrus is the monument of Cyrus the Great approximately 1 km southwest of the palaces of Pasargadae. The most extensive description based on a lost account by Aristobulus, who had accompanied Alexander the Great on his eastern campaign in the late 4th century B.C., is to be found in the Anabasis of […]

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