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Stars valley

Stars valley


Qeshm is a wondrous island. A massive piece of land in the midst of the most famous gulf in the world, Qeshm is one of the most exotic places in Iran. The diversity of natural formations on the island will amaze you. There lie side by side forests, valleys, mountains and golden coasts. The Valley of Stars, Chahkooh Canyon, and Hara Forest are the most spectacular of these attractions. Among many things, a visit to the Valley of Stars will give you the most magical night sky in Iran. The innumerable sparkling dots on the smooth darkness of the sky in the Valley of Stars in Qeshm render any viewer speechless. It is a fairly short drive from Qeshm to the valley.


This geographical site is one of the most unique natural attractions in Qeshm and Iran. Let’s take a closer look at this fascinating natural phenomenon which is also a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites and the only geo-park in the Middle East. Located near Berkeh Khalaf Village, not far from the Town of Qeshm, the Star Valley is at present the most visited among all Geosites. The Star Valley is a unique example among all Geosites to study erosion. The local name for this area is “Estalah-kaftah” which means “the Fallen Star”.


The local people believe that when it gets darker, the place is filled with ghosts and goblins moving around. However, nothing has been proven so far. Due to the special shape and different volumes and the erosion phenomenon, when the wind gusts blow around the columns and hollows of the valley, sounds are made and it seems that is why local people believe that the place is turned into a location for the ghosts and goblins when it gets dark.

In this valley, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as walking and photography and you will see numerous statues in the form of an elephant, a crocodile, an eagle, and so on.  You can also see this different canyon from above the roof of the Stars Valley and discover more statues with incredibly beautiful shapes. Each of the sights of the Stars Valley is a good excuse to take the camera and hunt the dreamy and glorious moments of the island and record beautiful images in the treasure of your memories.


Next to the Stars Valley in Qeshm, there is a small stone museum in which the fossils of Qeshm Island, minerals and gems belonging to other parts of Iran and the world are displayed, so visiting this museum also delights your trip. After seeing the Stars Valley, you can buy souvenirs from the handicrafts made by the artists of the island with shellfish, and give a memorable gift to your relatives and friends from your journey.


In areas where the geological structures are more resistant to erosion, they have remained intact, however in areas with softer geological structures, erosion has altogether degraded and vanished those parts. In the walls of this Valley, one can observe two different types of layers: A thick and soft layer of light color (beige or light grey) underneath a thinner layer of harder nature, in white or dark grey. The bottom layer due to its soft structure usually gets eroded while the layer above because of having some kind of natural cement (limestone), is more resistant to erosion, protecting the whole structure. In areas where the upper layer is eroded, smaller canyon-like structures have been formed. In some areas within this Valley, geological structure in form of “Pillars” columns may be observed,some of which are needle-shaped.

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