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Shahkooh Village

Shahkooh Village


Shahkooh Village simply symbolizes success in information technology in Iranian villages. Shahkooh village is in Golestan province, northern Iran, and is the first Iranian village to experience communication and facilities via the internet before any other village in the country. Internet training courses and programs in this village have attracted the attention of its people from different ages. Now, keep us company to learn more about Shahkooh village.


Despite its unbelievable beauty, Golestan province is among the least visited attractions in Iran. However, the region is such a charming destination- both naturally and culturally- that can keep you busy for weeks. Located in the north-eastern part of Iran and south of the Caspian Sea, Golestan has some of the greenest landscapes of Iran. In addition, the region has a very rich history and was one of the most important cities of ancient Persia on the Silk Road. And as we mentioned Shahkooh village is one of the amazing spots in this Province.


The mountainous village of Shahkooh is located in Central Alborz, 65 km south east of Gorgan. It is 2450 meters above sea level, located along Darreh Rino and Keno Darreh valleys and surrounded by the mounts Khosh Dashti, Shirkosh, Siahpoosh, Tarakeh Chal and Gavkoshan.

Gavkoshan Mountain is 37 km. to the south of Gorgan and 6 km. to the southeast of the lower Shahkooh Village and its height is 3,813 meters. Gavkoshan is where the Sar Tangeh, Chahardeh, Toroudbar Rivers take their source. Its northern skirts are imminent with Gorgan Township and its southern skirts are imminent with Shahrood and Damqan in Semnan province and have beautiful views.


Due to its being mountainous, Shahkooh village has cold winters and moderate summers. Being located on the mountain slopes it enjoys light and dry weather. It has an old history behind and used to be in the main road connecting the great Khorasan and Shahrood. According to the statistics carried out in the 2006, the population of Shahkooh village is about 700 people who speak the regional Mazandarani dialect. However, due to cold weather and snow in the region, half of its population migrates in winter, and there is a rise in population during summer.


Most of Shahkooh inhabitants earn their income from activities like farming, gardening, and animal husbandry; while some others work in the fields of handicrafts. Among agricultural products cultivated in the village we can name wheat, barley, potato, oil seeds, and vegetables; apricot, apple, and almond are also some of the gardening products of this region. Rich pastures existing around the village have led to a flourishing animal husbandry which in turn has brought about production of wool, meat, milk, yogurt, and butter.


The flora of Shahkooh region consists of pasture plants and juniper trees. Pastures in this region have a very wide range of plant species from which mention can be made of milk-vetch. Sagebrush, wild rue and many other species of plants can also be found in regional pastures. Juniper trees have added to the importance of the region since this kind of tree has a long growing period and a very tough and hard wood. Therefore its wood was used in the past in constructing houses of Shahkooh village.

Referring to the opportunity provided for the people of this region to connect to the internet, some of the youth could manage to work remotely and make connection to different places around the world. Many of the villagers have been taught how to make use of the cyberspace in Shahkooh’s IC center, and the young inhabitants of this village refer to this center for different activities.

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