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Palangan Village

Palangan Village

Palangan village located in Kurdistan in west of Iran. This unique village well-known for its unique style of architecture and also its springs, waterfalls and other natural attractions. Palangan is on the valley sides where its houses made with stone and generally in a staircase and the bottom of the house is the roof of the other house. Palangan (which means ‘leopards’) is located about 50 kilometers northwest of the city of Kamyaran in the Kurdistan province. According to the latest census, about 1000 people live here, mostly employed in the local fishing industry.

As if a miracle like the splitting of the sea has happened and the mostly rugged mountain has split. Hundreds of years ago a high impassable mountain had split and a nice stream began flowing in the depths of the created valley. So it became easier to begin life and build a village there. That’s how a lovely stepped village has been built and its eye-catching nature and exciting ceremony attract many tourists yearly. In Iran Palangan village which has plenty to offer for explorers willing to visit amazing architecture, scenic nature and experience tasty food, authentic village life, and mysterious history.

With the arrival of Cyrus the Great, many Jews cast into the castle of the Palangan village and lived for many years in the castle. There were works of Jewish cemeteries near the garden of Sheikh Omar Palangan. Local residents of this part of the castle, the name of the neighborhood is Moses or the neighborhood of the Jews. Later Zoroastrians were in this castle. Before the Islamization of the Iranic peoples in Asia, the Zoroastrian religion was believed in by the ancestors of the modern Kurds.

In Zoroastrian doctrine, fire is a symbol of sight, goodness and purification. Angra Mainyu, the demonic anti-thesis of Zoroastrianism, was defined by Zoroastrians through creating a big fire every year, to symbolize their defiance and hatred for evil and the arch-demon.

There are different architecture styles in Iran. In fact, some of the differences are because of the characteristics of the natural environments and some are due to people’s beliefs. In Palangan village you will discover a specific style of architecture known as stepped design. Actually it is because of the natural environment. There would be no other choice for people to build their houses and villages in a rather wide area named Hawraman. Here is the land of stepped villages where the rooftop of a house is the yard of the other one.

Horse riding, bustling, barbers, Kusha Kusha and Chuck Chuck are the local games of the Palangan. That take place in non-working days like autumn and winter in most of the alleys and landscapes of the village. Palangan Village is one of the 7 targeted villages in Kurdistan province which after undergraduate studies turns into a tourist village without any changes in its texture.

Nowrouz is a traditional Iranian ceremony. However, the New Year ceremony has an absolutely particular taste in Palangan Village. Here, you will feel one of the noblest presences of Iranian originality. In fact you will find yourself in the middle of the very descendants of Ahura Mazda.

Don’t forget to enjoy the spectacular waterfalls. There are 20 springs in the village among which we can name Sheikh ‘Ala Al-din, Sheikh Khatoun, and Sheikh Omar.  Start your car and drive 10 kilometers away from the village; you are enjoying visiting the mineral water springs of “Guwaz”. The color of the springs’ water has changed because of iron and sulfur. Local people say that the springs’ water has some medical uses. For example, they are useful in curing diseases such as skin diseases, respiratory tract diseases, and rheumatism.

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