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Namak Abrood

Namak Abrood


Namak Abrood is the central district of Chalus county located in Mazandaran province, Iran.
The Namak Abrud is a touristy town, welcoming the large number of visitors from all over the world.
This resort consists of two cable car lines, famous for the Namak Abrud Telecabine. This resort is located exactly 12 kilometers from the Chalus county divided to the two residential and tourist sections. The residential section contains 8 neighborhoods designed for touristy population up to 100000 persons.


Approximately 200 hectare violet and box-tree parks made the area very spectacular. Moreover, Madoban- the dense forest created a remarkably attractive landscape. Between the coastal towns of Ramsar and Noshahr, the Alborz Mountains literally drop into the Caspian Sea. In some places, the distance between the mountains and the sea is only one Kilometers.

These coastal mountains are generally around 1000 meters high. Their proximity to the Caspian Sea creates a virtual steam bath on their northern slopes and the coastal plain. Steep muddy/slippery slopes along with dense forests create many obstacles for those who wish to climb these peaks.


The quick change of scenery in the Central Alborz is amazing. Traveling 40 Km south, will take you from this sub-tropical paradise to the permanently snow-capped peaks of Central Alborz , while another 50 Km, will get you into the arid central plateau of Iran.


One of the most favorable and enchanting sections of Namak Abrood is to get on cable car and start a marvelous journey. It starts at the sea-shore of Caspian Sea and it will lead you toward the summits. The temperature is almost 10 degrees fewer in comparison to the sea level. You’ll definitely be amazed by the lively panoramic views of Alborz heights crossing dense forest area, at times mixed with some mist. When you arrive at the top of Alborz, you’ll see the whole city of Nowshahr, Chalus and the beautiful Caspian Sea. There are some natural caves on the top which are very attractive and eye-catching accompanied by unique landscape.

All essential facilities such as restaurant, W.C etc. are available on the top.

There is an awesome zip line on the East side of the Deeve Hamam which you can get access to it by the cable car and Alongside these recreations, you can also take a walk on the suspended bridge made of wood and rope, challenging you to face the fear of heights.


The next thing you can try at Namak abrood is sleigh riding. Getting on the sleigh will make you go as fast as 25 km/h. On the way, you’ll pass beautiful trees and wonderful terrains. The bobsled is the first of its kind in Iran, offering a different type of adrenalin rush, sliding through the trees and striking views.

There is a 6D cinema playing lots of great movies with high quality and this cinema has no age limit. Karting (kart racing) designed for teenagers and adults in separate parts is one of the other options you can use. All the cars are made in France and entirely safe.


Namak abrood’s shooting club is the second biggest in Iran. There are 5 platforms which everyone above 12 years old can use. You can also try shooting with archery or your own gun.

If you don’t like using the cable car or you don’t enjoy being suspended in the air you still have the chance to see the sea and the forest’s panorama. Enjoy the Namak abrood’s flight complex equipped with paraglider, parachute, helicopter and kite.


On the other hand, one of most powerful sea lions of the world in this touristy complex is ready to perform show for dear tourists for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
This male Californian sea lion has been brought from the Spain and after that if you still have time and energy, you can go for jet skiing, shuttle and boat riding.

Create a series of happy and joyful memories via an unparalleled area covered by pristine nature and forests of the Mazandaran province and rare attractions and entertainments of the Namak Abrud resort.
Here, dear passengers are very motivated to take wide range of photos because of great and spectacular views.


Undoubtedly, the Namak Abrud tourist town will create a collection of sweet experience and memories via very exciting and lovely environment.


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