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Motel Ghoo

Motel Ghoo


If you are willing to sit on the beach and enjoy watching the waves or the amazing tall trees on the other side you should definitely visit Motel Ghoo (Salmanshahr). It is one of the most popular cities among tourists.


Many people choose it as their destination for spending leisure time. Well-equipped facilities such as a hotel, beach, water sports and more. In short, the city offers good services to travelers. The existence of a beautiful beach and jungle is one of the reasons why the tourism market has been booming in this particular city. You can sit on the beach and watch the waves, and later on maybe go for a walk in the woods, or even go swimming or something.


There are several coffee shops and restaurants in the city, and especially on the beach, where you can try different kinds of food and experience something new. There are lots of different expensive and cheap cafes and restaurants that you can easily choose between them. If you want to see the traditional markets, you can go to the Sunday Market and check it out. If you were around Danial village make sure to visit the local dairy suppliers.


If you travel to Motel Ghoo you should try the water sports. The existence of a coastal area has made it possible for tourists to take advantage of the situation. You can swim in the Caspian Sea or take part in beach games such as beach soccer or beach volleyball or you can go jet skiing, shuttle, boat riding, hover crafting or parasailing.


One of the reasons for the popularity of Salman Shahr is the existence of a forest that allows you to get lost in nature. The trees are in a range of the Alborz Mountains and in the southern regions of the city, they create a different atmosphere for tourists and nature lovers. You can go out in the nature and have a little picnic with friends and family, take photos and enjoy the great atmosphere.


In addition to the beach and forest, shopping malls also help boost the tourist market. These shopping centers are all over the town and they come with a variety of products that can meet your needs. These shopping centers include products by both domestic and foreign brands. If you’re a fan of these brand, do not wait and get to the shopping centers.


One of the most amazing attractions of this city is the ship-shaped hotel called “Ghoo” or “Diamond of the Middle East”. This vast complex of commercial, residential, tourist, sports and entertainment include a 5-star hotel, two residential and commercial towers, a sports complex and a 6-story parking garage that are built in the form of a giant ship. It Includes twin towers of 25 floors with 300 units of very stylish and modern residential apartments.  salmanshahr

The construction of this project has added to the status of the city and attracts more tourists Outside of town, away from the bustle of the city and in the heart of a pristine forest, there is a spectacular attraction that is quite simply extraordinary. The cave is located in Alborz Mountains.

It is the second-largest cave in Iran. There is a pond at the entrance. You simply wouldn’t be able to miss it even if you wanted to. The water inside the cave is cold and there are a few things that will surprise you.



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