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Mellat park

Mellat park


One day I was coming back from a challenging job interview; I wished it was a place where I could relax a little and enjoy the commotion and bustle of life in people to be again get energy. Because I love the thrill of life that ripples through people, and that passion can only be seen outside the home. In a moment, I remembered that I could go to Mellat Park in Tehran and enjoy playing in the colors of flowers and its strange and different elements on the way back. This park is the best choice for relaxation because it is so big that you can find a cozy corner and enjoy yourself alone or go to a crowded section and enjoy the game of adults with cats.

In short Without delay, I got on the buses on Valiasr Street and got off right in front of the central park.


Tehran Nation Park is one of the sights of Tehran, which reaches Valiasr Street from the east. To know how big this park is, I will introduce its area to the surrounding streets. Tehran Nation Park comes Valiasr Street from the east, Enghelab Sports Complex from the west, the central building of the Islamic Republic of Iran Radio and Television from the north and Niayesh Highway from the south. Mellat Park is one of the parks in Tehran, which has an area of ​​about 34 hectares, about 23 hectares of which are lawn and 3.2 hectares are planted with trees, and the planted parts reach 2 hectares.

Mellat Cinema Campus is one of the most important cultural attractions of Mellat Park.


The cinema campus has interesting structures, and this issue also attracts people’s attention. This large cinema has 4 or 5 halls that have complete facilities. With several cinemas side by side, each showing a specific film, it is easy for you to choose a movie; Because you can select your favorite film from 5 movies. The artificial lake of Mellat Park in Tehran is located in the northern part and has given unique beauty to this part.


This artificial lake hosts many aquatic species, including fish, ducks and frogs. There is a coffee shop and restaurant next to the lake that has a unique view of the lake, and you can enjoy the sound of the lake water and the presence of ducks that swim fast everywhere, along with the pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee. Mellat Park is so big that a part of it has been built as a zoo for children and teenagers and has turned this park into one of the sights of Tehran. Tehran Mellat Park Zoo is located near the artificial lake, i.e. in the western part of the park and has easy access. Mellat Park 4D cinema is built in the western part, and we suggest you visit it.Before entering the cinema, you should know that you are not on the side of a regular cinema and will not see just one movie. If you are not looking for excitement and just came to see the film, it is better to visit the cinema campus,But if you want a good movie with a touch of excitement, you have chosen the right place.


In the middle of the artificial lake of Mellat Park, a musical fountain has been built, which will dazzle your eyes in the evenings and when the weather gets dark with that beautiful lighting. A bridge has been built over the lake, which is close to the fountain, and by going to the top of the bridge, you can have a better view of the fountain.

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