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Isfahan Music Museum

Isfahan Music Museum


Two famous Iranian musicians have collected almost 300 kinds of Iranian traditional musical instruments during the past 20 years across Iran and used them as the main collection of Isfahan Music Museum. This first private music museum of Iran really deserves to be visited. The main goal of this exhibition museum is to make people acquainted with visitors of all nationalities who come to Isfahan. The small, private museum is very well organized and has knowledgeable owners and hospitable staff. The gig in the museum studio is professionally set. The guided visit to this site is worth every penny you spend. Music speaks for souls. No matter where you come from, you will understand the joy, fear, bravery, happiness, and sadness of music as it’s an international language for all. Isfahan Music Museum is a perfect place to get to know how Persians speak in this unique way by their very own musical instruments throughout the history.


This beautiful new museum in the Armenian Quarter in Jolfa houses a fine collection of traditional Persian instruments. A labour of love for the private collector who assembled these national and folk instruments, the museum regularly hosts live performances by renowned folk musicians. Music is one of the defining characteristics of Isfahan. The city has played an important role in success of the Iranian traditional music. Isfahan music system, known as the Bayat-e Isfahan, is one of the well-known pieces of traditional music in Iran. The city has been the birthplace of numerous famous musicians and singers who contributed a lot to the music of Iran. Taj Esfahani (1903 – 1981), the singer whose famous song “Be Esfahan Ro” is somehow the unofficial music of the city and also Hassan Kassai (1928 – 2012) who was a true master of the ney instrument are the best examples of the most recent well renowned artists of the city.


You can become familiar with a variety of Persian musical instruments and sense the traditional Persian music with your hearts. You will enjoy a live impromptu recital using Persian instruments. Thus you can feel the unexpected delight of listening to Iranian traditional music when you attend this concert. Isfahan Music museum visitors can also become familiar with the way certain musical instruments are built by the hands of artists. You are allowed to touch the instruments, play music with your own hands and fingers and have a truly magical and memorable experience during your visit to this unique museum.


At Isfahan Music Museum, you can watch 300 Iranian music instruments, learn how to make them, and get acquainted with the musical instruments and listen to their voices with the help of audio and video equipment. Some of them are decorated with miniature designs and have created a fascinating collection of colors and sounds. In this collection, you can find musical instruments that are not found in any other country like them. The instruments that some of them donate to Iranian musicians can be accessed through these links to the names of these artists.


It can be the highlight of your trip to Isfahan from which you can learn not only about music but also about Iran’s history and culture. You can feel as a music player if you like it, so do not hesitate to ask for playing in case you desire. But you have to call in advance if you want to enjoy the live mini-concert. All in all, this place is a must in your plans of trip to Isfahan. Visitors to Isfahan Music Museum are surprised by the variety of national and ethnic Persian musical instruments inside the museum.

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