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Isfahan Bird Garden

Isfahan Bird Garden


Do you love animals too? If this is the case, then indeed, one of the tourist destinations you should see when traveling to Isfahan is the bird garden of this city.

Undoubtedly, we are all familiar with Isfahan’s museums and historical places. But did you know that in this historic and magnificent city, on the banks of the Zayandeh Rud , in addition to all that, there are amazing historical beauties and archeological gardens, which are home to more than 4,000 beautiful birds of 130 different species? So join me in this section to know more about this tourist attraction.


This garden of 55,000 square meters is located in the Nazhvan complex, and the Nazhvan complex is located on the banks of the Zayandeh Rud . This area has a temperate and suitable climate, which makes these beautiful creatures of God do not feel the dryness of Isfahan’s climate. It is good to know that Nazhvan complex is a wonderful and entertaining environment and has been considered a natural tourism hub of Isfahan.  If you want to know what other activities can be done in this complex, I must mention the butterfly garden, reptile garden ,  dolphinarium, aquarium, cycling and hiking trail, teleshopping, boating.

So you are free to choose exciting and fun activities as much as you want.

The different parts of this beautiful garden are:


Glass shelves

These shelves create a greenhouse-like atmosphere and have air conditioning, boiler, and air conditioner facilities.

These shelves are suitable for those birds that cannot live in the dry climate of Isfahan.

For example, birds such as lovebirds, parrots and toucans are kept in these cages.

Metal shelves

These cages are suitable for birds of prey such as eagles, owls, hawks and black vultures.

Birds that, if left unattended, would eat other birds and their chicks and may

They are also dangerous for the safety of visitors.

Of course, in the interior of the cages, we have tried to provide the natural environment of these birds as much as possible. For example, there are several rocks inside the shelves.

Since the species of these rare birds are endangered and can be seen almost nowhere, visiting this garden can be a good opportunity for people who are interested in birds.



This space is intended for birds such as peacocks and pheasants because they are not dangerous to other birds and can walk freely in their surroundings.

Think about it!

Seeing a peacock, this rare bird in the heart of a desert city! Is it possible to see the rainbow of beautiful peacock feathers on a pleasant afternoon and not be intoxicated by all the designs and colours?


Isfahan Bird Garden has four ponds. The largest pond is located in the center of the garden. These ponds are home to beautiful and rare birds such as ducks, flamingos, pelicans and swans, which attract the attention of every viewer with their stunning beauty.

Rock section

Rock-like spaces are designed for birds that live naturally in rocky areas.

For example, birds such as partridges, terns, and quails are kept in these places


Research sections

These sections are mainly built for scientific and research purposes.

In addition to entertainment, the whole bird garden has a research aspect. The different parts of this section are:

Reproduction section

This section provides conditions for birds to lay eggs and hatch. Chickens are also protected here.

Taxidermy Department

You must have seen animals and birds kept dry and kept before.

This operation is performed on taxidermy animals. That is, the skin of the carcass is peeled off, and the fat is removed. Then a mold the size of the animal’s body is made, and the skin is placed on it.

All these operations are performed in the taxidermy section of the Bird Garden.

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