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Procedures for providing insurance services to tourists

Considering the need to increase safety: peace and comfort of domestic and foreign tourists during the trip and according to Article 30 of the Regulation on Supervision of the Establishment and Activities of Travel, Tourism, and Pilgrimage Services approved on June 17, 2001 and in line with the implementation of Article 7 of the Rules Letter No. 81 approved by the Supreme Insurance Council on March 5, 2013 and within the framework of the provisions of the Insurance Law approved on April 27, 1937 the method of insurance coverage that includes the minimum obligatory insurance for tourists, is notified as follows:

Clause 1)
1-1- Insurer: Refers to those insurance companies that provide travel insurance services to companies/offices of tourism services in the form of a tour in accordance with the legal rules and the executive instructions of the Deputy Minister of Tourism.
1-2- Insurer: It refers to those companies/offices of tourism and tourism services that provide compulsory and optional insurance coverage to tourists who travel in the form of tours according to the rules and instructions.
1-3- Technical Commission: The dispute resolution authority between the policyholder, the Insured, and the insurer shall be formed and operated in accordance with Article 8 of this Instruction.

Clause 2)
Types of insurance policies
1) Compulsory insurance policies: Compulsory insurances refers to those categories, which the company/office of tourism and tourism services is obliged to prepare the travel plan as part of the main implementation of travel packages, forecasts Take the necessary steps to cover the cost of domestic and outbound tourists in the following cases:
Travel expenses such as (disability, death penalty, permanent disability and medical expenses (hospitalization) due to tour-related activities
Cancellation of travel due to non-issuance of visas by foreign embassies
Flight cancellation
Not traveling due to cancellation of accommodation
Loss of luggage with the tourist
2) Optional insurance: The company/office of tourism and tourism services is obliged, in addition to providing mandatory insurance coverage for tourists, to provide the necessary information and coordination regarding the selection by not consciously selecting optional insurance coverage related to the following by tourists:
Pay for dental emergencies
Costs of delay in sending tourist luggage and luggage
Transfer costs to the nearest medical center
Expenses related to the theft or loss of tourist travel documents
Return the body to the country in case of death during the trip
Sending essential medicines to the country where the tourist is hospitalized.

Clause 3)
Companies/offices of tourism and tourism services are free to choose insurance companies and can act in accordance with the rules and regulations to conclude contracts with insurance companies with official authority from the Central Insurance.

Clause 4)
All companies/offices of tourism and tourism services are required to provide a list of mandatory and optional travel insurance on the site and in-person visits to tourists. Optional insurance coverage will be provided only if the tourist accepts in writing.

Clause 5)
Insurance companies and companies/offices of tourism and tourism services (insurer) are obliged to implement all relevant notification circulars by the Deputy of Tourism Organization.

Clause 6)
Insurance companies are obliged to provide services with approved tariffs of Central Insurance and with competitive rates lower than that, and will provide optional and compulsory services to companies/offices of tourism and tourism services within the same framework.

Clause 7)
Companies/offices of tourism and tourism services (insurer) are obliged to provide all information and conditions related to the subject of compulsory and optional compulsory insurance to the insured (passenger).

Clause 8)
In case of disagreement between the policyholder (companies/offices of tourism and tourism services) and the insurer, the matter will be considered in the technical commission.
Note: The technical commission consists of the representative of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicraft Organization of the province, Plenipotentiary representative of the main insurance company in the province, the representative of the head of the main insurance company and the representative of the companies/offices of tourism services in the province.

Clause 9)
Companies/offices of tourism and tourism services receive and enforce tariffs related to passenger insurance coverage, including compulsory and optional insurance, on the basis of a joint contract or agreement, from the insurance company.

Clause 10)
All insurance companies can, according to the rules, take the necessary measures and coordination regarding the provision of insurance services for the possible cancellation of the trip for any possible reason, including not reaching the quorum of the tour and other similar cases.

Clause 11)
The validity period of the travel liability insurance policy is equal to the duration of the trip and will include the continuation of treatments and treatment of the passenger until the complete solution of the problem created during the trip. The expiration time must be stated in the text of the contract between the passenger and the company/office of tourism services.

This policy is effective in an introduction, 11 paragraphs and 2 notes based on the agreement of the Vice President and the Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization from the date of notification.