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Gwadar Bay

Gwadar Bay


Gwadar Bay, Persian Khalij-e Gavater, inlet of the Arabian Sea indenting the sandy Makran coast at the Iran–Pakistan border. It is about 20 miles (32 km) long and 10 miles (16 km) wide. Bay, concavity of a coastline or reentrant of the sea, formed by the movements of either the sea or a lake.


The difference between a bay and a gulf is not clearly defined, but the term bay usually refers to a body of water somewhat smaller than a gulf. Numerous exceptions, however, are found throughout the world, such as the Bay of Bengal, which is larger than the Gulf of Mexico and about the same size as the Arabian Sea.


Gwadar Bay is located in the Gulf of Oman on the maritime border of Pakistan and Iran on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the western province of Balochistan, Chabahar. The name is from Persian, Khalij-e Gavader or “Gulf of Gwadar” on the Arabian Sea. The Dashtiari River flows into it from the northwest, and the Dasht from the northeast. The town of Gwadar, Pak., lies on the Arabian Sea coast about 30 miles (48 km) to the east of Gwadar Bay.


Chabahar port city is part of free zone in Iran which is a good destination for tourists. Visitors of Chabahar are so lucky to see Gwadar Bay and miniature mountains. Gwadar Bay is part of Chabahar tourist attractions that you can enjoy while visiting Chabahar. This port is known as the end of Iran’s roads and the neighbor of Pakistan.


This city is part of Sistan and Baloochestan and it’s located between Macran shore and Oman Sea. Gwadar Bay flows into Nahr River in Pakistan and in Bahoocalat River in Iran. Doing business in Gwadar bay has a long history. The traders passed from India to Africa through this bay’s waters. The closest place from Iran to Oman is a small village called Gwadar that has 160.000 populations. Most people in this area do fishing and Mat weaving.


This bay was the center of exporting shrimp which you can still see this business in this area. If you want to visit Chabahar, don’t miss visiting Gwadar bay and a castle near it because you can take a walk on the beach and enjoy sunset. You can also watch crabs marching on the beach. It’s interesting to know that many birds immigrate to this bay in the first of autumn. Visitors of chabahar tour can see other chabahar tourist attractions such as Lipar wetland and Gandou that is a protected area.


Currently, Pakistan has two main operating international deep-sea ports: Karachi Port and Port Qasim. During the coming years, their capacity expansion programs are unlikely to keep pace with the expected growth in demand, resulting in a need for a third port to fill the gap.
In particular, Karachi Port has significant physical limitations and will not be able to grow at the same speed as the national growth in demand over the coming decades. These limitations result mainly from its location, which is within the city of Karachi itself, which has seen very rapid growth over the past years.

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