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Ghalat Village

Ghalat Village


The village of Ghalat, located northwest of Shiraz, is a really splendid ancient virgin site to both visit and hike. Due to its favorable climatic conditions and undiscovered lovely hills and mountains, this site has attracted the attention of many visitors even from abroad. Perfectly hidden between willow and plane trees, cool weather, and a cozy atmosphere, and being away from the bustle of the city, Ghalat Village is a beautiful oasis to see. If you are interested in rural tourism or hiking a mountain, this is an exceptional choice for you. Let’s have a closer look at this dreamy Village in the Shiraz countryside.


The city of flowers and poems is already filled and surrounded by gardens and greeneries and Ghalat Village is definitely one of the best of them. Ghalat is an old form of the word village and it means somewhere that has steamed springs and good weather. This village is perfect for those who are tired of traffic jams and sound pollution; you can find absolute peacefulness in this place. You just have to listen to the sound of water that is slowly pure from waterfalls and birds singing or enjoy watching the beautiful and green bushes and trees.


The villagers live in houses made of brick, clay, and stone, but ‏like many other old areas, modernization touches the purity of Ghalat Village, and there are some buildings such as restaurants and cafes which are built in a modern way, and they might not be in harmony with old patterns.

Having nice climate has turned this village a very beautiful and comfortable place for visitors who want to go on a trip. Even travelers and native people of this area choose this village for spending their weekend there. This place is mountainous and you will see several houses in stair type of structure. Tall trees have covered the view of these houses. The nature of this village is truly beautiful. The green lands, winding alleys and the sound of waterfalls shows how intact the village is.


Despite the fact that it is quite close from the city, it takes quite a long time to reach. Indeed, the buses have to deal with the very busy traffic of Shiraz before leaving the city-centre… Even if it is standing quite away from the city buzz, Ghalat has nothing of a boring country town. As you arrive in the village at around sunset, you are immediately seduced by its old ochre walls and the lovely ruins where fully restored bars and guesthouses mingle in a perfect harmony.

The atmosphere is very festive and many Iranian comes here to enjoy a relaxing day visiting the old narrow streets, picnicking with their families by the river and partying at night. It is quite common to hear electro music pounding out of the buildings, proving once again how surprising a country Iran can be.


Villagers here do farming. There are some historical building in this village, one of them is a church which is related to the period between 1st world war and 2nd world war. There is an historical bathhouse in this village that people believe Saadi (our famous poet) used it. The weather in the spring and summer in mild and in the winter is cold. There is a triple waterfall which is pass from rocks.

Foreigners can spend one or two days familiarizing themselves with rural life and traditions and delicious local foods of the countryside. They can get acquainted with the handicrafts of this place which are Melki (shoes woven by hands), Mashk (container made of animal skin) and handmade wooden objects used in daily life. You may also get familiar with the old customs and habits of traditional life of the people such as wedding ceremony customs or burial habits of the village. The village has remained intact especially the northern part of it and that is what attracts a swarm of travelers from the outside regions.


You can go hiking on the green hills and valleys of this old village. There are cafes and coffee shop which serve local foods of the village and where you can have a rest or relax in a relaxed atmosphere away from dust and exhaust pollution. You can also hike to reach the waterfalls of his village shining in the heart of the rmountains providing the water of this village. The sky of this village covers the earth like a clean turquoise blue sheet that gives everybody a calming sense or feeling. In spring and summer you can sit on the roof of the cafes or restaurants of this small village and enjoy looking at the nature, the azure sky, mountains with snow covered peaks, and listen to soothing traditional Iranian music. Its falls are really marvelous as the nature is like a painting palette full of colors of orange, red, brown and yellow.

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