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Five romantic hotels for honeymoon in Kish

Five romantic hotels for honeymoon in Kish


Kish Island is the best option for a honeymoon or romantic trip. Clear blue sky, calm waters of the Persian Gulf, an island with the most beautiful sunset view in Iran.

Toranj Hotel

The most romantic hotel in Kish is Toranj Hotel, which is romantic and unique because it is the only blue hotel in Iran. Its rooms are built in the shape of a hut on the water, and its floors are made of glass. You stay in these rooms while you can watch the fish swimming under your feet.

A seafront hotel like this can be found in the Maldives and the Caribbean. In addition to the romantic atmosphere, the hotel offers unique services such as massages, a gym, a yoga instructor, a swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi.


Marina Park Hotel

Marina Hotel is a complete hotel.

If you do not intend to shop, you can not leave the hotel even for days. Marina Hotel has a sea view. Having 750 meters of private beach on the beaches of Kish allows you to have private hours for yourself.

This geographical location provides all the facilities to enjoy a variety of sea activities in the hotel, from scuba diving and jet skiing to a water sports club.


Dariush Hotel

Dariush Hotel reminds you of Persepolis the most.

The capitals and entrances of the hotel are a view of Achaemenid buildings. That’s why staying at this hotel is so magnificent. The hotel even has honeymoon suites where guests can choose from a sea or garden view.

Worth hotel

Still, when the name of Kish Island hotels is mentioned, the first name that comes to mind is Shayan Kish Hotel.

A hotel located close to the famous shopping malls and beaches of Kish. Another feature of Shayan Hotel is that it is close to the extensive recreational pier of Kish.

In addition, the cycling station, Maryam water sports club, and bowling alley are other recreational places in Kish, which are a short distance from the hotel.


Kish Hotel

Kish Hotel is one of the newest hotels on Kish Island.

A luxury five-star hotel that has all amenities. Swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, internet in all common areas and rooms. In addition, airport transfer and sightseeing on the island are among the free options of the Kish Hotel

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