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Darband-Tehran.jpg" alt="" width="1920" height="1080" srcset=" 1920w, 768w" sizes="(max-width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px" />Tehran, a beautiful and sophisticated metropolis in Iran, has plenty of amusement and entertainment facilities. Many opt for one of the city’s attractive and fun parks for their evening routine, and some seek peace and quiet in one of Tehran’s many restaurants and cafes, and they will spend time with their friends. Meanwhile, the Darband neighborhood and its prominent promenade have a special place among the leisure and tourism choices of the people of Tehran, and almost all the people of this city have memories of it. In various polls conducted, the people of Tehran, at their first choice for welcoming foreign guests and residents of other cities, will offer Darband.
This 1700-meter-high recreational area is the main route for climbing the high mountains of the central Alborz. Each year, many people travel through this beautiful and spectacular road to the summit of the resort and other highlands. The most famous spot in the city, the Sarband Square and the 3-meter mountaineer statue is that it has become one of the symbols of Tehran, and many people have memorabilia with it.

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Alongside this beautiful statue, mountainous environment, the river passage with the name of Durand through the valley maze, restaurants, and small and small stalls, Imamzadeh Ibrahim and Sorghum Darband, the twin waterfall and the Shiripala sanctuary on the way to the conquest of Mount Peak. Other attractions and spectacular views this is a good neighborhood.
Attractive Darband resort has natural scenery, entertainment diverse and attractive and due to these beauties, it has become a hangout for many Tehranian. In the future, we will become more familiar with the sights and attractions of Darband.
One of the attractions and facilities offered by tourists in Tehran is its saga trail. The history of the creation of the Telegraph was about 40 years ago, and at first, the people of the village of Pohjah and the climbers used it to travel to the village and mountainous trails. After a while, ordinary people, who came to work for pleasure and routine, traveled to the higher points of Darband and set up a tea and a picnic in the eye-catching, mountainous landscape.
Why is such an occupation so popular and is the first choice for the Tehrani to entertain in the north of the capital?

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The answer to this question is more about the weather and the lush environment; an atmosphere that is close to the coolness of the air and the softening of the river has a special warmth of the presence of people, townspeople, and friends, and is not seen elsewhere in Tehran… In addition, the existence of old houses left in the past, the people of the neighborhood, the donkeys that shift the burden of the villagers and shopkeepers, all add to the attractiveness of this beautiful promenade.
The nights of Darband for many are more beautiful than its days. Many Tehranians prefer sightseeing, dusk, and nightlife, where the brightness of the lights is a spectacular phenomenon. Honeycomb lights, which multiply the color of gourmet shops and walking paths, the light that brings with it the diners of restaurants and tablecloths full of light, the quiet whisper of water and the warmth of people’s commuting, From the nights of the prisoner.
For most people, the main entertainment that brings them to life is the abdomen and the variety of delicious cuisine presented here. Enjoying popular and delicious food in the clean and refreshing air, along with an eye-catching view with friends and family, is an opportunity that cannot be easily found elsewhere in Tehran.

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Street Foods: Sometimes, there are vans and cars in Sarband Square, which presents a different kind of street food to customers. A delicious tasting product with hot chocolate that delivers a different flavor.
Alongside this gourmet eating, which is a new kind of street food, “Jigaraki” and “Kebabi” (barbecued lamb meat, heart, and liver) are found abundantly for those who seek the traditional taste of Iranian dishes. Enough, of course, take the pavement up to the top and make yourself a guest of a small banquet of grilled dishes.
Delicious snacks: Your first encounter with food in a bartender is a snack flashing in shops and carousel stalls with different colors and flavors and invites them to a small party of delicious eating. Fruit leather and plums, along with the carriage of Broad bean and boiled beetroot in the autumn and winter, and the carriage of Maize in the summer and autumn, complete the tasty sweets in Darband.

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Of course, you should be aware that these foods are not sanitized by health experts at all times due to exposure to soil and air, and lack of appropriate coverage and disregard for health reasons when they are prepared. So, it’s best to make your own snacks from reliable and reliable places.
One of the most famous leisure activities in Darband is climbing along nature in the mountainous Alborz paths. As we have said earlier, the path to the towering summit is one of the most popular mountaineering trails of the capital, and many climbers have climbed the mountain summit using this route. Beautiful paths with landscapes different from shops, restaurants, cellars, small and large cliffs and ultimately the Darband River, which lowers the fatigue of the way for climbers.
The climbing path of Darband is accessible in two ways; you can reach the Sarband Square (the starting point of this neighborhood) and proceed from there, or take the path to the road and reach this path. Pick the summit. The way to the middle of the village is after the castle, then the twin waterfall and shelter Shirpala reaches the top of the resort.

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It may be interesting for you to know that the area of Durand and the Rocky Mountains located in this neighborhood is one of the most suitable places for rock climbing in Tehran, and many professionals in the field are interested in their sport in this area.

Darband is part of the Shemiranat district and the history of the formation of this neighborhood is influenced by the history of Shemiranat. It is said that for the first time, two people from the Taleqan (located in Qazvin) were moved to this area, where the family formed and laid the foundations of the neighborhood of Darband. The neighborhood of Darband dates back 200 years ago and it is said that the famous Shatter Garden was built 100 years ago. It’s good to know that the old geographical area of the neighborhood has not changed much, and you walk around the doorway in almost the same old neighborhood. In the past, people in the area of Darband spoke in Tati language, which is still heard in the village of Pasqal’eh, a village above Darband.

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Due to its excellent location and good weather, Darband was once considered by the elders, wealthy people and kings, and many of them used this summer resort to enjoy their holiday. This led to a little bit of work and the natural surroundings to be considered and palaces such as Sa’ad Abad next to it to be built.
The Qajar period was for the period of boom and commuting, and many princes of this dynasty, such as Prince Allahwardi Mirza and Abdulmalik Kiyomars Mirza, stayed in this place. On Wednesday, Ramadan 1303 (June 1265), Nasir al-Din Shah, went to Darband and visited the village of Potsdam and its waterfall. It was during this time that the dining hall of Darband was added to this amusement park.
Among the historic buildings in Darband, one can mention a bathtub and a number of water reservoirs in different houses. There was also a qanat in this neighborhood, where the water flowed to the river Darband and the palace of Saadabad, and today it also exists. In addition, there is a reliance (Hosseiniyeh) and two 200-year-old mosques still in the neighborhood that show the historic date of life. There are two historic cemeteries in the area, which show the distant past of the area.

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At the time of Reza Shah and under his command, he built a guesthouse and several villas in the fields of Darband, before the Sarband Square. At this time, due to the severity of the water and the tightness of the passage and the roadway to the river was created. This residence (Guesthouse of Darband) was the first decent guest house in Iran and its facilities for receiving personalities and domestic and foreign tourists were at an acceptable level. The guesthouse was later renamed to the diplomatic hotel, and by mid-year Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was the only hotel in Iran. Along with the establishment of the guesthouse, several villas, the police, the municipality, the post and the power plant (which were supplied from Sadatabad Palaces) were added to the neighborhood and made it progress.

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