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Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach


Iran is a vast country. Its geography is home to many wonderful phenomena. You might think that Iran is only a huge desert. But it’s not. In fact, on the map of Iran, you can easily see that she has two seas: one in the north, and one in the south. Iran beaches and shores span for 5800 km in total and one of these amazing islands is Coconut Beach. The beautiful coastlines, glittering sunshine, blue sky, pristine waters, fresh air, and unique tranquility of Kish have turned this island into the pearl of Persian Gulf waters.


You’ll easily see the Persian Gulf on the map of Iran. It’s connected to the Oman Sea, where there is a way to the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Many cities and towns in the south of Iran are close to the sea, with beautiful beaches. These range from Khoram Shahr out in the southwest to Chabahar’s amazing beach in the southeast. Boushehr, Bandar Lengeh, Bandar Abbas, Minab, and Jask are in the middle.

South of Iran is very hot, and it’s also very humid. The people are mostly workers of the sea: from fishermen to people who trade by the sea. They are famous for being kind, hospitable, warm, and friendly. In many cities down in the south, they live through the night because days are very hot. They have great food, mostly spicy.


This place is home to numerous coconut trees. It also has one of the most beautiful sunsets in Kish. It is near a huge Market, where you can find almost anything you need. This market is among the popular markets for tourists in Kish. There are very nice hotels here. The reason why these hotels are very popular is, aside from great services, the great view they offer in their rooms.

In the sand beach of beach, the ground is coral and shines like silver under the Sun. The blue, transparent sea makes the bottom of the sea clearly visible. Coral is what creates this unique beauty. The corals around the island purify the water and make it see-through. The Persian Gulf waters across the coastlines of Kish Island are clear and transparent, such that the sea bedding can be easily viewed, even at a far distance. Environmentalists have attributed this fact to the existence of coral reefs, which according to them naturally purify and filter water, and grant beauty and transparency to this island’s beaches.


Tranquil coasts along with the beautiful corals getting together provide a shelter for pretty colorful fish. Shining beach, blue sky, sea waves, and green coconut trees create spectacular scenery that no master artist can create. The other side of the island is also popular for its sunsets and evenings. When the water rushes, hits the rocky beach, squirts into the azury sky, and falls down again, a splendid view is provided. Fishing fans can catch fish on southern and western coasts. The color of the coasts of the island is coral shining white, a color that becomes more beautiful when mixed with the sunlight.


Fish species and other existing aquatics across the Island’s coastlines are the most exceptional feature of this island. The diverse range of fish species that live next to Kish Island’s coastlines are in fact considered as one of the main tourist attractions of this island, entertaining travelers and tourists for a number of hours. What’s more, the best quality edible fish species are also netted across the Kish Island’s coastlines by Kish Fishing Company and local fishermen. Those, who are interested in fishing can net fish across the southern and western beaches of this island.

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