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Churat Lake

Churat Lake

Churat Lake

In the corner of Mazandaran province, at 1034 meters above sea level, a spectacular view of the nature of Iran. Lake Miansheh, commonly known as Churat Lake due to its proximity to the village of Churat in Mazandaran province, is among the most beautiful tourist destinations in northern Iran, as the sister of the Caspian Sea.
The lake is about 2.5 hectares and is named after the village called Churat. What made the Churat, a lake different, is not just the placement among the trees, but how it forms, which adds to its attractiveness. In 1939, an earthquake occurred in the area and the drift of the ground, caused the path of the fountain near the lake to be closed, and eventually, a beautiful lake formed in the gap between the sloping doors. Churat is one of the few naturally occurring lakes and thus no dam construction has been created.

The depth and dimensions of the lake are constantly changing over the course of the year, depending on seasonal rainfall, but its geometric shape is oval and its maximum length and width is 380 and 140 meters, respectively.
Since 2010, the lake has become one of the main attractions of the region and attracts many tourists.
When you look at the pictures of the lake, it looks like a painting board.
At times when the amount of water in the lake decreases, tree trunks emerge and create an amazing view. These trees are the same plants that were in this area before the creation of the lake and they all went underwater at once. The image of these trees along the water is one of the reasons why Churat Lake is famous, and many travels to see it.
If you are a fan of fishing and have the tools and tools you need to do, go on a trip to Churat. Fishing in silence and calmness of the lake adds to the sweets of your journey and makes it an unforgettable memory. Maybe you’re wondering where the fish from this lake came from. There are two answers to this question:

Some locals believe that one of the most important ways to transport these fish is through birds. They say that because of the remaining eggs of many fish among the feathers of birds, with their travels to other areas, eggs are also transmitted to them.
Others also believe that the presence of these fish in the lake as a result of their release by individuals and is not related to natural factors.
Seeing nature, crossing the lake, hearing the sound of wind and birds, are just a fraction of beauties of this region.
One of the magnificent attractions of Churat Lake will be when you cover the fog everywhere. The dance of the haze on the water of the lake, alongside the trunks of water, records a magical image in the corner of your mind. The misty landscape of Churat Lake is not something you can easily pass through and ignore it.
Floating on the water of the lake and watching the different scenery is another favorite destination for tourists on the Churat Lake, but since there is no boat ride on this lake, people will put their wind boats in the water to make a different experience. For themselves.

The path leading to the lake is a dirt road passing through the forest and the massive trees. The beauties of this path are precisely to bring the off-roaders into the area. This route is one of the favorite destinations for people looking for excitement and creating new experiences from off-road.
Walking along the lake route is also one of the choices that people face and can give them a good time. Walking along the path makes it easy to discover the beauty of it and touch the corner of this pristine nature. In this way, you will see different landscapes and watch the masterpiece of nature.
The lake is located in a valley surrounded by ancient trees. You can go to the heart of this forest and explore it.
The best time to travel to Churat is spring and autumn. Of course, this lake has its own specialties every season.
By entering the dirt road Churat, you will smell Pennyroyal and Thyme and you will notice the existence of these two plants in the area. Among the trees that exist in this area, you can mention the hawthorn and Mespilus germanica, which the locals call it “Kenes” and will serve you with delicious cuisine in the final days of October. Trees are also grown by locals, which one of which is walnut.

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