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Chabahar Tourist Attractions

Chabahar Tourist Attractions


Chabahar is a region located in south-east of Sistan-Baluchestan province, in the boundary of Makran Sea and Indian Ocean, famous as the commercial free zone in Iran. Chabahar is one of the counties of Sistan and Baluchestan province and Chabahar city is its center. This city is located at the southeast of Baluchestan and its distance to the center of province is 691 kilometers.


Chabahar Port is the closest way to access the international waters for the landlocked countries of Central Asia (Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan). The height of Chabahar is 7 meters from the sea level. The average annual temperature is 24°C and the average annual precipitation is 10 mm. It has a temperate, tropical climate with relative humidity. Chabahar is an extraordinary port with hidden wonderful blessings and images.


Minature Mountains Known also as Merikhi Mountains, these magnificent mountain ranges overlook the Oman Gulf coasts. The remarkable point about these mountains is their unique and somewhat different style in comparison to their surroundings. They have an unusual shape and the mountain is in green, white, and red. Besides, you won’t see any living signs like any plant or tree in the area! It is an amazing place and you will love it much more during dawn or dusk. Bear in mind, you can hike in the mountain too, so if you have a suitable shoe, take it with you not to miss this great opportunity. The mountains’ height ranges from 5 to 100 meters. Its texture is like hard rocks, yet hiking it is not that difficult.


Chabahar museum is located at the end of Imam Khomeini Boulevard. There are artifacts of Chabahar City and Sistan and Baluchestan Province exhibited in three prehistoric, historical, and contemporary sections. The second floor of the museum is dedicated to the anthropological artifacts of Chabahar. Other historical attractions of Chabahar City include the Ancient Customs Building, Hosseiniyeh-ye Al-e Rasool, Koteij Village, Anoushirvan Castle, Batel Castle, Belan Ancient Well.


The Lipar Wetland is the well-known pink lake in Iran. It is located in the Lipar Valley with a 15-kilometer distance in the east of Chabahar. Its color sometimes turns into red. Bear in mind that, not always the lake is pink and if you are so into visiting the pink version of the lake, you should choose the right timing. Additionally, if you are a fan of birdwatching, Lipar Wetland is a good place to explore different species of birds at.
The Ancient Damb Kooh Site is located 90 kilometers northeast of Chabahar in Bahu Kalat Region, dating back to 4,500 to 5,000 years ago. On this site, the archeologists have found graves in the form of chambers of 1×1, 2×1.5, and 2×2 m dimensions.


Gel Afshan (Mud Volcano) is within a 100-kilometer distance to Chabahar. It is in the middle of a circle with a 100 meters diameter on a hill with a 100 meters height. In Gel Afshan, there are mud domes that formed the area. This natural geo- tourist site is remarked because of the underground mud being reached onto the earth’s surface. It is believed that the mud can heal certain diseases.
Gandu Protected Area and Bahu Kalat River: This area is located in the eastern part of Chabahar and the southern part of Sarbaz County. The origin of the name of this area is the name of the mugger crocodile that lives in this area. Gandu Area includes Sarbaz and Bahu Kalat, the living area of the mugger crocodile and the coastal lands of the Gulf of Oman.

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