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Best Cafes in Tehran

Best Cafes in Tehran


Cafe Tehroon

This cafe’s traditional Iranian decor will transport you from Tehran to Tehroon.

Let’s examine the reasons Tehran Cafe was chosen for the “Best Cafes in Tehran” list.

Since Tehran Cafe has two floors inside, a balcony, and a lovely yard, you have a lot of options for where to sit.

Traditional Iranian music is always playing in the cafe, no matter where you sit.

Diamond Cafe, a real diamond

Even before you step inside the cafe, the attractiveness of the street-facing cafe’s facade creates a positive first impression.

The interior’s wooden and brown color scheme and thoughtful lighting intensify this sensation the longer you stay there.


Café Gallery

Those who have visited the Iranian Art Museum’s garden are aware of how lovely it is and how Tehrani was able to condense such a large area into less than one hectare. That’s exactly what Gallery Cafe has accomplished. Not to be forgotten is the restaurant section of the Gallery Cafe. One of Cafe Gallery’s advantages, which has helped it rank among the top coffee shops in Tehran, is that anyone can enter with any taste and eventually find something to their liking. Its menu is therefore extremely varied.

Café Gallery

Vicolo Cafe Restaurant

Simply put, Vicolo Cafe, one of the best cafes in Tehran, draws inspiration for its design from European Baroque architecture, which temporarily removes you from the atmosphere of the location.


Ghasreyakh Café

It should be noted right away that creating a cafe or even a hotel out of ice has already been done in other parts of the world (such as Canada and Dubai), and the cafe that is currently providing services in West Town was actually inspired by this example.

Despite appearances, the cafe is not entirely frozen. When you enter the cafe, there isn’t any ice, snow, or cold; instead, you’re met with a tasteful, ordinary cafe. However, this “ordinary” cafe has a pole concealed behind its walls. Now that you have a choice, you can either go to the ice section or sit in the normal area. The ice section of the cafe, however, requires a small entrance fee.

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