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Alimalat Lake

Alimalat Lake

Alimalat Lake

We go to the lush green forests of the north, and from among the many spectacular views, we select Alimalat Lake for leisure and leisure time. We go to the city of Noor and walk through the light of Chamestan towards the Kashpel jungle. Inside the massive forest trees and after passing a memorable and memorable path, we reach a vast water zone that shines like green diamonds in the middle of the trees and delights the tourists. The water range is known as the dam of Alimalat and is known by the people as the Alimalat Lake. The dam located at an altitude of 125 meters above sea level is one of the promenades of the people of light. Many tourists from other parts of the country are seizing the lake for the use of nature and its beauties.

The path is so spectacular that it forces us to stop at any moment and record the beauty of the environment in the image frame. We continue the way, and at the same time, the flute of the river comes along with us. The route is so spectacular and pleasant that many tourists prefer to walk their car in the lower parts of the park road and walk to the lake to enjoy the surrounding scenery. On the way, you will see many tourist tours that are moving along the road with joy, giving you some kind of breath. Many people here get to know each other, and they continue to walk along the lake together, perhaps even after this circle of friends. Let’s take the path and get to the small but infinitely beautiful bridge. Almost all the travelers in this part walk along and photograph a relic. We cross the bridge and continue the way. Suddenly, after the trees and the road, a vast view of the blue lake appears in the background of massive trees and high mountains in front of us and holds up the breath in the chest. We arrived at the destination, here is Alimalat Lake.

Now that we’ve come here we can enjoy the boat ride on the lake. The main attraction of the lake is the boat ride on it, with pedal and motor boats. If you’re excited, you can rent one of the boats, go in the lake, enjoy the coolness of the air and drops of water on your face and watch the surrounding landscape in the lake.
If you come here to relax, ride one of the pedal boats and dive into the water. Ride these boats away from the hustle and bustle of the surroundings of the lake, leave your worries and drown in the lake calmly. The interesting point of the Alimalat Lake is that when you get a little off the coast, you will not hear anything from the sound around, and only the silence and peace that surrounds you.

One of the attractions that many locals and even many tourists take to Alimalat Lake is fishing. If you are a fishing enthusiast, pick up your equipment and get to Alimalat to enjoy both the beautiful scenery and your favorite pastime. Here you can catch a bit of patience and skill in a variety of fish such as Trout and Amor (carp) that live in this lake. If you pay a little attention, you can easily see the redfish that the people have left behind in the lake after the New Year’s Eve.
Near the lake, there are pergola and barbecues that you can rent at one of them for a family picnic and create a memorable experience with friends and family. Next, to it, you can explore the lakeshore, explore yourself from the crowd, or climb a little forest, and get new energy after your holidays. Of course, do not go too far into the forest, because without the help of the guide, you can get lost.

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