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Shiraz Sightseeing


Day 1: Shiraz

In the morning you are in one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia; Shiraz, the home to numerous internationally recognized Poets and Rose is waiting to welcome you right outside your hotel room. After delicious breakfast, you meet the guide at the hotel lobby and your exciting tour will begin; we will visit Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, This mosque has two eastern and western bedchambers, and the eastern one has a tiled altar accompanied with 12 columns and amazing windows with colorful glasses. Afterward, you will be taken to see colorful paradise that named Eram Garden (WHS). Next, we will move to Karim Khan Citadel, a well-built fort, and a must-see monument and the Pars Museum. Then we move on to enjoy the fabulous architecture of Vakil Mosque and admire the beauty of carpets, rugs, and woven handicrafts found in Vakil Bazaar, then we get to Moshir Saray a traditional Bazaar

O/N Shiraz


Day 2: Shiraz

We will start day by having an existing excursion to the history of ancient Persia by visiting Persepolis (WHS), a complex accommodating a cluster of palaces. Afterward, we will visit Naghsh-e Rostam which is an ancient Necropolis, a large ancient cemetery with elaborate tomb monuments. Here you can see a group of ancient Iranian rock reliefs cut into the cliff, from the Sassanid periods. We will continue to have the privilege of visiting Pasargadae (WHS), where Cyrus the Great is resting for centuries. These ruins are among the only remains reflecting the glory of ancient Persian Empire. Then we will back to Shiraz, and finish day by visiting Hafez Tomb, one of the most prominent poets of Iran.

O/N Shiraz


Day 3: Shiraz

Today we start sightseeing day by visiting Afif-Abad Garden originally the Gulshan Garden is a museum complex in Shiraz. There is a so attractive palace decorated with great tilling, and the stone columns are as the same as Persepolis’ style. It’s a collection of a traditional coffee house, a traditional bath and museum.This garden became a military museum. This museum consists of two major parts, the gun museum and the Ebrat (ensample) museum. Afterward, we visit Shapouri House and Zinat Al-Moluk House, is one of the historical and architectural monuments of the Qajar period. It is next to Narenjestan Qavam and is connected to it by underground road. So we won’t miss to visit Narenjestan Garden house.