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One day – Crossroad of religions


This tour is an opportunity to re-discover the capital of Iran. Tehran has been the most important political and historical events in the country since the capital of Iran. Events affect the shape and process of urban development, the structure and hierarchy of urbanization, and the city’s architectural identity. The effect sometimes brought about by the presence of prominent figures in the identity of a street and its neighborhood, and sometimes by social movements, has transformed a neighborhood into the center of gatherings and urban spaces.

In addition, Tehran has been attracted to the various religions and classes who wanted to experience a different atmosphere due to the presence of the capital and the presence of educational and academic centers, and has been embracing immigration of religious minorities for many years.

In the streets that once formed the core of the city, they have stamped the stories of contemporary history. One of these impressive streets is St. Ciye Tir. The street that on one side of it there is Topkhaneh Square, the most important city square.  Someday, due to the presence of Prime Minister Qavam, this street was the center of political developments.

Excursion and walking along the length of St. Ciye Tir may not end in half a day, but its width is equal to all the memories that St. Ciye Tir has seen. It is not just a street; it is the beginning of the visualization of the coexistence and sympathy of the religions. The mosque, the two churches, the Zoroastrian fire temple and the synagogue all on the same street is the fluid intimacy that runs on the streets on Saturdays with the tune of the churches and sacred sounds of the Azan. If you want to look for a body of the Constitutional Revolution in Iran, we might be able to take the example of the Ciye Tir Street. In addition to familiarizing with religious monuments of various religions, on the tour of Ciye Tir Street, we will go through the past history of this street.

Crossroad of Religions

This tour is including: visiting of the first Vorham Atash (Tehran Atashkadeh), the first and the oldest synagogue outside the context of the Jewish settlement of Tehran (the synagogue of Haym), the first Armenian cathedral in Tehran (the Holy Mary Church), the only temple of the Indian Sikhs in Tehran (The temple of Gurudvāra), the first monastery registered in the national monuments list (Khanegh Safi Alishah) and…