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Badab e Surt

Badab e Surt


The wonderland of Iran has an infinite number of offers for travel lovers. Ranging from the most ancient historical sites to the amazing natural wonders, Iran is a unique destination for all types of travelers.Badab e Surt, The wonderland of Iran has an infinite number of offers for travel lovers. Ranging from the most ancient historical sites to the amazing natural wonders. Iran is a unique destination for all types of travelers. Over thousands of years, flowing water from two mineral hot springs cooled and deposited carbonate minerals on the mountainside, producing stepped travertine terrace formations.


Mysterious “Badab-e Surt Arvest” springs, meaning the intensity of the sparkling water are included of 12 completely different springs from the aspect of smelling and taste. The flow of the spring has made the spectacular stairways on land with an area of about three hectares and has formed in the quaternary of geology. One of these springs which is the main fountain and has very salty water has a little pond that is mainly used for swimming and water treatment (hydrotherapy). In one part of the floor of the pond, there is a deep hole is called the Bermuda Ernest.


This site was crafted by nature after two different mineral hot springs spent thousands of years sending water bubbling down the mountain from over 6,000 feet above sea level. When the water cooled, it left behind its carbonate minerals in a jelly-like substance that eventually hardened to give the slope its current staircase shape. One of the hot springs spews salty water that’s said to have healing properties. Supposedly, it can cure ailments such as rheumatism and certain skin conditions. The other spring spurts a sour sediment full of oxide which gives the water its beautiful orange tint.


The spring water of this place is useful for treatment of back and leg pains, skin diseases, rheumatism, migraine headaches. The second spring, located in upstream and northwest of these springs. It is tart, red and orange and brings the iron oxide from the depth of the rocks to the ground. Sedimentary and mineral water flow of these springs has created the unique and very beautiful layers and stairs ponds in orange, yellow and red color and various sizes in its mountain downstream slope over time. The heights and the hills covered by pine forests, shrubs, bushes and valleys around the springs have created an eye-catching landscape.

Geology enthusiasts will especially fall for Badab e Surt. It is Located in the Mazandaran province. Also, the name comes from a combination of bâd, gas, âb, water, and surt, the old name of the village of Orost located 7 kilometers to the west. Although, there are a handful of similar places on earth, such as Mammoth Hot Spring in the U.S. and Pamukkale in Turkey, it is unique due to its distinctive orange hue, resulting from a concentration of iron oxide.


From Tehran to Orost village, all the roadways are asphalt, but from Orost village to Badab-e Soort springs you will have to drive on a rough road for about 3 km. From the base of the mountain, you have to climb about 3 km to get to the springs. You can also pay local people to take you up by trucks. We suggest climbing the mountain instead of using the trucks. It is safer and you can enjoy the beautiful nature around too. If you want to climb the mountain instead of using the trucks, we suggest getting help from a local guide. With just a 15 minute walk you can see the wonderful springs, also you will be able to see a wonderful, impressive view of springs and mountains from the top. If you are a backpacker, it’s better not to stay in the village for the night because it’s a little difficult to find a local house for rent.

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