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Planning your next vacation destination? This 4-star Buali Hotel Hamadan (Bu Ali  hotel)  is conveniently located in 1 Alley Corner, Shohada Crossroads. Just twenty-minutes from the airport means quick travel time. It is half an hour to the terminal.

Furthermore, the proximity of the hotel to all the most noteworthy sites is hard to beat. You therefore have access to local attractions just from this especially relevant hotel. Hence, it is a good idea to probably book your accommodations right here.
Make an online booking twenty-four hours a day. The hotel accepts reservations at any hour. Hence, most international travelers find it convenient to book this hotel. Therefore, stay a night or two more than you need to.  Most of all, the tour spots nearby are worth the trip! The hotel offers great value. Book your reservation ahead of time.
Each room in the Buali Hotel Hamadan features a tv and refrigerator. Every amenity is designed for your comfort. The most noteworthy elegant interiors are equipped with WiFi. There is a local and a traditional toilet. The especially relevant praying room is also available for you to use. Take the kids for walks outside the hotel.