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Iran Mall

Iran Mall


There are lots of big and beautiful shopping centers in Tehran but you can’t call the Iran mall just a shopping center. It’s a big roofed city including different activities and amusements. If you like walking in world’s biggest malls or have various facilities in one mall, our suggestion is to visit Tehran’s Iran mall. Did you know if you spend only 5 minutes in each store you are going to need 3 whole days to visit the entire mall?


The Iran Mall is a vast shopping and entertainment complex in northwest Tehran. The first phase of the mall opened in 2018, at which point the mall became the largest in the world. And with the second phase still in progress, the Iran Mall will only continue to grow.


The Iran Mall, is one of the world’s top five shopping malls, one of the largest commercial, cultural and social projects. It was built on an area of 317,000 square meters and it’s bigger than Dubai mall and china’s trading center.


In designing the project, the national, religious, historical, geographical and cultural beliefs were considered to achieve a modern Iranian-Islamic architecture. In this regard, designers used the concept of the traditional bazaar to resemble it in the building.


Didar garden is located at the attractions of Iran Mall and adjacent to the traditional bazaar and surrounding business units. The height of the garden is 14 meters, it covers a glass ceiling and is decorated with fountain and California palm trees. In the design of a magnificent 3,000-square-meter of this garden, the architectural brick patterns of the central regions of Iran such as Yazd and Kashan have been inspired. The purpose of the garden is to provide a modern space in the heart of the traditional attractions of Iran Mall to provide a beautiful and diverse place for dialogue in a peaceful environment.


The mosque of Mohammad Rasoolullah with an area of ​​approximately 1200 square meters, with special decoration along with Islamic- Iranian architecture, which is inspired by some of the symbols and components of the Masjid-al-Nabi, has two aprons of ladies and gentlemen, which are tiled with the most nicest decorations.


One of the most prominent parts of the traditional bazaar is the Mirror Hall which is designed and implemented by the modeling of the Mirror of the National Assembly (one of the most exquisite historical examples). The hall, hosted by special guests, is based on its historical pattern, all mirrored walls and ceilings, with the nodes associated with this technique. The type and scale of the decoration in this hall is a lot of elegance and has more than 38 million pieces of mirrors. Also, more than 200 square meters of mirrors have been made in galleries.


The advanced cinematic complex with 12 venues and the capacity of more than 1,800 people, using the most modern technology in the world, enables the premieres of Iranian films in social, children and teenagers, art and experience, as well as the best movies in the world.


If you are visiting for business meetings or with family and friends to shop in Iran Mall, you can enjoy the hearty foods and drinks prepared by the best national and international chefs. Four large food courts and about 200 restaurants and coffee shops are distributed at all mall to provide the best and most delicious foods with visual diversity and the representation of the most prominent countries of the five continents.

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