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Dalamper Lake

Dalamper Lake


One of the most amazing sights in the West Azerbaijan is Dalamper Lake. The lake is located almost at the zero point of territory of three countries Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Dalamper is located in the southwest of Urmia, and the water comes from the snow slopes of the Dalamper Mountains. Its height is 3500 meters. If you stand on the top of the mountain, you can see some parts of the three mentioned countries.

West Azerbaijan province is located at northwest of Iran and is bordered by the Republic of Azerbaijan from north, Turkey from west and northwest, Iraq from west and neighbors the East Azerbaijan province from the east and Kordestan province from south.  Its center is Urmia city. Having about 1000 kilometers of main roads and highways that connect northernmost point of the province (Bazargan border) to its southernmost part (Bukan), West Azerbaijan province, has adequate ground transit accessibility.


The northwestern region of Iran is not well-known for most of compatriots, especially West Azerbaijan, while this area has many virginal Place. Margavar District, also known as Iran’s Alps, is a range of snow-covered hills and mountains up to 3500 meters high. Valleys, rushing rivers and waterfalls, lakes, and various wetlands of this district provide the travelers with a peaceful place.


There are some natural lakes at the high altitudes of the mountain, such as: Dalamper (Mama Sheikh Lake), Dimeh and Binchul lakes. There is an amazing waterfall called “Suleh Ducel” in this area which in Kurdish language means “foggy”. This waterfall has been created due to the melting of snows on the slopes of the Dalamper Mountain.


Dalamper Lake is located at the height of 2700 meters of the mountain, and its diameter is 450 meters; this beautiful lake is circular. You can enjoy the green pastures around the lake which are full of colorful flowers. There are many plant species in this area including milk vetch, almond, cherry, and etc.


This lake is beautiful in all seasons. However, in the winter the route and the ambient temperature make it almost impossible to access the lake. The best time to travel to this area is from May to early July than has more beauty.The nearest village is Lake Dizaj. From Orumiyeh, you can reach Dizaj through these two routes:
The first route passes through Urumia, passing through the road to the northern part of Silvanah and continuing to move towards the village of Dizaj.


The second Urmia’s route is Oshnavieh road, which should be redirected to the village of Dizaj in the path of Akbolagh. After reaching the village of Dizaj, head south to the village of Sul Dukul. Up to the village of duckling is in the asphalt road. After that, it’s a dirt road, which is better to continue with the two-dimensional machines to the lake. The last kilometer toward the lake is a very difficult route, and it’s best to walk towards the lake from here and enjoy the surrounding nature. Walking route takes about an hour.


Animal species include brown bears, wolves, foxes, jackals, mountain goats, eagles, owls and harpers.
There are 620 types of herbs in this area, which 4 species have not yet been identified. This indicates the pristineness of the area. The security of this region is relative and depends on conditions of the day.But in general, the area is safe in daytime.


For a more relaxed trip in this area, it is advisable to get help from local leaders and if you plan to camp near the lake, be sure to coordinate with the security authorities in the area.
I hope you enjoy a beautiful area that is far from any technology.

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